The Richter Collective Label Sampler

Probably the most exciting and interesting label in Ireland at the moment The Richter Collective are offering a free label sampler to download. The sampler includes some of the acts for which it’s now home to; The Redneck Manifesto, Adebisi Shank, BATS, Not Squares, Enemies and The Vinny Club to name but a few.

Here are two very different reasons to check out and download the sampler here

The Vinny Club – Its Not You (Its Of)

Adebisi Shank – Oyasumi

1 Comment The Richter Collective Label Sampler

  1. dfallon

    Excellent. I got into a few of this acts months after the rest of Ireland so any new and free music is most welcome.

    Oyasumi is some tune.


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