Boe Weaver

In an attempt to round-up the huge quantity of albums which have been playing this one should be part of a guest post elsewhere too…………..

Boe Weaver are probably the most peculiar band to emerge so far this year, but who can’t love an oddly named and faceless band? Their sound is a strange, exotic and heavy instrumental music with lashings of fuzzy northern soul, psychedelic surf rock, Krautrock jams and influenced hugely by spaghetti westerns and horror b-movie soundtracks.

It’s not often that a bands sound can be so divisive, one minute they sound like they would be more at home 30+ years ago created from the remnants of a Sergio Leone flick; expect vivid flashbacks to his movies. ‘Let It Die’ is a case in point but they can quickly jump to an extremely modern sound, ‘Monster Maker’ has more in common with math rock of today than the legendary Ennio Morricone.

Regardless of its era-defining difficulties their debut is a fantastic record which exemplifies the merits of an instrumental album; sometimes you just don’t need vocals. The only reservation is at 26 minutes it’s very short, I guess this means it will never out stay its welcome. They make a mean video too, check out the psychedelic cocktail of Trigger Happy TV and Super Extra Bonus Party that is ‘Ghouls’.

Boe Weaver – Monster Maker

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