The World Cup & What We’re Missing?

With squads finalised yesterday the World Cup in South Africa is almost upon us but for French hand Ireland could be there in all their sunburnt glory but what’s done is done. It’s an excellent opportunity to see what we’ve really missed out on, great world cup songs. By and large football songs are an awful breed but sometimes they’re pure novelty gold, World Cup songs can be even worse but in 1990 two classics appeared to spur on the ‘Irish’ team attending its first ever World Cup.

‘Put em Under Pressure’ and ‘Give it a Lash Jack’ are football songs par excellence – dodgy samples, stolen riffs and choruses, what more could you want? Perhaps you’re glad we didn’t make it now. Oh well to stave off the hunger for a new generation of songs we have a mash-up of Justice and Put em under Pressure from USA!USA!USA!, lovely stuff!

1990 World Cup Squad – Put em Under Pressure

Liam Harrison & The Goal Celebrities – Give it a Lash Jack

USA!USA!USA! – Put em under Nazareth (Jack Charlton V Justice)

Other legendary or awful football anthems? Be my guest.

7 Comments The World Cup & What We’re Missing?

  1. dfallon

    Italia ’90 milkbottles, USA 94 for the Megadrive,a ‘Shell’ (eurgh) sponsored USA 94 scarf, a few stickers and taped matches from 2002. These are the things around the house currently making me sad.

  2. barrygruff

    Was that the FM104 tune?

    I still have loadsa stuff from Italia 90 & USA 94 somewhere, sticker books, free stat card yokes from cornflakes and a few jerseys.

    Must dig ’em out. 2002 will just be remebered really because we all got to go to the pub at 7 in the morning, good times.

  3. Josh Clarke

    Ah jaysus dude, you’re killing me here, it’s just hit me that we’re not in it this year! I remember being allowed to stay up late when I was 6 to watch Ray Houghton score that cracker against the Italians!


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