Faithless, Dublin & The Right To Work Campaign

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I’m no fan of Faithless’s music and know very little about the personalities either but judging by their ‘Tour Diary’ they’re obviously not pricks. In the Dublin edition David Randall speaks about two news stories which caught his eye; Elvis Costello’s boycott of Israel in protest over their treatment of Palestinians and the Right to Work Campaign, which along with its demos  (I was in attendance last week) have been all over the news in Ireland and Randall has a very interesting chat with campaign organiser James O’ Toole about it and others issues.

Very surprised on discovering this, I never really thought bands on tour would be that interested in local issues and the like but fair play – The Right to Work Campaign marches on the Dáil for the third week tonight @ 7.30pm.

Johnny Flynn ‘Been Listening’ Album Sampler

The excitement is palpable round these parts at the prospect of Johnny Flynn’s forthcoming album Been Listening, and this album sampler might just have sent us over the edge. It features tracks ‘The Water’ (with Laura Marling), ‘Barnacled Warship’, ‘Churlish May’, ‘Been Listening’ and ‘Kentucky Pill’, some concrete evidence if it was needed that he has picked up where he left off continuing to write unique songs while cleverly molding folks past and present.

Been Listening is released on the 7th June and can be pre-ordered from his website. Johnny is currently on a full UK tour with his band The Sussex Wit but still no sign of Irish dates, here’s hoping.

Playlist #8

The lazylist of tracks for the week returns later than usual for your aural pleasure

This week or last weeks list got held up due to me being too bloody busy but it’s no need to panic. The Like have dropped more beautiful cheery 60’s inspired pop perfect for the summer, Bloc Party front man Kele might have surprised some with the direction of his solo material but this version of his latest single is BIG. There’s a couple of remixes as usual, Empire Machine rework Shout Out Out Out Out whose album you should definitely check out and Caribou is remixed by Mondkopf, who you will be hearing a lot about in the future both here and elsewhere I’m sure.

As well as a great live track from a great live act Simian Mobile Disco there is the simply brilliant Hypnotic Brass Ensemble who recently teamed up with Choice Cuts in Dublin to release the Heritage EP – beautifully blended styles, amazing stuff.

Over and out!

Mp3: The Like – Fair Game

Mp3: Kele – Tenderoni (XXX Dub)

Mp3: Caribou – Sun (Mondkopf Remix)

Mp3: Simian Mobile Disco – Aspic (Live Version)

Shout Out Out Out Out – How Do I Maintain (Emperor Machine Remix)

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Spottie

Rewind: What Happened to Sluts of Trust?

Following a re-acquaintance of sorts with music from a few years back, one band in particular stood out from the pack, Glaswegian two-piece Sluts of Trust. The duo released their one and only album We Are All Sluts of Trust in 2004 and what’s most striking apart from their near disappearance from the face of the earth is the how fresh the album still feels. There are few if any rock bands out there to match the filthy, sleazy, raucous and somewhat perverse sound.

In the aftermath of the release of their album they made a number of festival appearances and embarked on tours, including support for Bloc Party but from 2007 all has been quiet with front man John McFarlane making a few low-key solo acoustic appearances. At one of which in early 2008 he played a full set of new material and announced his intention to return with a new Sluts of Trust album later in the year, but that’s the last heard of it.

It’s a real shame, undoubtedly talented let’s hope we haven’t heard the last from Sluts of Trust.

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Sluts 0f Trust – Piece O’ You

Sluts of Trust – Let’s

Brian Jonestown Massacre Live @ Academy 20/05/10

Brian Jonestown Massacre and all the drama surrounding them is stuff of rock n roll legend but I had been largely unaware of their material bar some fleeting attempts to dip into what is a pretty extensive 20 year back catalogue, but cometh the hour, cometh the gig.

On unexpectedly receiving a ticket I hastily made the  journey to the gig with my head filled with visions of bust ups and tiffs preventing it from going ahead. Surprisingly all the talk of bad feeling and fallouts appeared to be non-existant on the night anyway as they put together a very impressive, strong and cohesive performance, albeit a little tedious at times due to over kill on the shoegazey rock which when you don’t know the songs can be a little bit of a struggle to keep your interest up.

The night was not without drama as members of the band left following an egg throwing incident, but it seemed a little too orchestrated and they soon returned to see out the night to packed house full of adoring fans. Now the task of getting through some of that back catalogue.

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Pac-Man at 30

It has to be said Pac-Man is looking pretty well for a lad who’s been poppin’ pills since 1980. Just so you don’t think I’ve lost the plot altogether it’s the 30th anniversary of the release of landmark computer game Pac-Man. I have always been really shit at the game but much like Tetris it’s served me well over the years in wasting time especially when I should be doing something more productive.

In a fitting or not so fitting tribute here is a Pac-Man inspired tune from Ed Rush & Optical, one of the greatest stunts from French prankster Remi Gaillard before leaving you with the immortal words of Kristian Wilson from Nintendo, “Computer games don’t affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we’d all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music”.

Mp3: Ed Rush & Optical – Pacman (Ram Trilogy Remix)

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New: Mystery Jets ‘Dreaming of Another World’

My fondness for Mystery Jets is well noted so it will come as no surprise I’ve been looking forward to new album Serotonin for a long time. I can’t believe the great giveaways we’ve been blessed with, so I was pleasantly surprised to find yet another new musical treat from their forthcoming album has surfaced. ‘Dreaming of Another World’ is pretty typical of what we have come to expect from the Eel Pie gang, beautifully fresh indie full of eccentric charm and catchy melodies. It’s almost too good to give away.

Mp3: Mystery Jets – Dreaming of Another World (Radio Rip)

You can get the proper version from their website

Double Dagger Live, Whelan’s 19/05/10

Suitably warmed up by sun, pints and of course support band Guilty Optics we were ready whatever onslaught Baltimore’s Double Dagger could throw at us, or so we thought. You could be forgiven for not getting carried away, trotting upstairs, through a smoking area to be greeted by what for all intense and purposes is a room, a room that looks not too dissimilar to student digs albeit with a bar. Thankfully good music is surpasses all surroundings and the setting had its merits, small groups of dedicated fans can get up close and personal.

Up close and personal seems to be a speciality of lead singer Nolen Strals in particular who brings a whole new dimension to audience participation as he wades into and out of the crowd,  it was clear from the outset this wasn’t going to be just ‘another’ gig. As a recent covert to their music, it was surprising to say the least but it just added to the intensity of the night, channeling their unbridled energy (and sweat) straight at you. The set was pretty explosive, it’s hard to fathom how they can deliver such a raucous and loud sound with so few members, it has to been seen to be believed. A relentless bombardment of heavy weight garage punk with little or no let up ensued, running through tracks from Masks and other more unfamiliar material that sent the old room upstairs in Whelan’s reeling, great gig all round but ‘Pillow Talk’ has to take the biscuit on the night.

It just goes to prove that fancy venues and equipment mean nothing, it’s all about the music, talent and love of giging.

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(Apologizes for some fleeting sound/video issues)

Video: Unkle – Natural Selection

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Just picked up a copy of the new Unkle album Where Did The Night Fall today, while its early days, too early as it happens to write about first impressions etc. It is however, the perfect opportunity to share the video for ‘Natural Selection’ which is the result of Lavelle teaming up with Texan psych-rockers the Black Angels.

Lady Chann – Dun Dem Season Vol.1. (Free Mixtape)

The more I hear from Lady Chann the more impressed I am and this latest mixtape is no different, in fact it pretty much confirms all my suspicions. Dun Dem Season Vol.1 is mixed by Mad Decent’s Dancehall-Electro-Soundsystem South Rakkas Crew and along with the UK’s proclaimed ‘Dancehall Queen’ Lady Chann it includes Serocee, Toddla T, Warrior One,  J2K, Beenie Man and Sticky.

If that wasn’t enough its FREE to download from her MySpace, enjoy.

Mp3: Lady Chann – Dun Dem Season Vol.1.