Brian Jonestown Massacre Live @ Academy 20/05/10

Brian Jonestown Massacre and all the drama surrounding them is stuff of rock n roll legend but I had been largely unaware of their material bar some fleeting attempts to dip into what is a pretty extensive 20 year back catalogue, but cometh the hour, cometh the gig.

On unexpectedly receiving a ticket I hastily made the  journey to the gig with my head filled with visions of bust ups and tiffs preventing it from going ahead. Surprisingly all the talk of bad feeling and fallouts appeared to be non-existant on the night anyway as they put together a very impressive, strong and cohesive performance, albeit a little tedious at times due to over kill on the shoegazey rock which when you don’t know the songs can be a little bit of a struggle to keep your interest up.

The night was not without drama as members of the band left following an egg throwing incident, but it seemed a little too orchestrated and they soon returned to see out the night to packed house full of adoring fans. Now the task of getting through some of that back catalogue.

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