Holy Fuck – Latin

Holy Fuck’s latest album has received plenty of attention from bloggers and reviewers alike and as it’s probably been done to death I will keep it short and to the point.

Canadian’s Holy Fuck continue to carve out a unique and identifiable niche for themselves, making brilliant electro without the safety net of loops, laptops or programmed backing tracks, meaning their  sound is like nothing else around. Latin is tighter, leaner and funkier than any of its predecessors, most likely due to the consistency of the lineup affecting the band’s sound. Although this new-found cohesion sees the demise of the air of spontaneity which previously made them so gripping, we’ve been largely compensated by a great album with superb and intricate instrumentation and arrangements, it’s a small price to pay perhaps but certainly worth it.

This is a must have album for 2010, no excuses.

Mp3: Holy Fuck Latin America

Holy Fuck – Red Lights

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