Audio Bullys ‘Redemption’

Audio Bullys exploded onto the post-original pirate material scene in 2003 with their fusion of electro/hip hop, between then and now they released some forgettable yet more commercially successful material, for many they had fallen at the first hurdle like so many before them, becoming but a footnote in people’s music lives so it’s easy to see the hesitancy that greeted this release.

Higher Than Eiffel was primarily recorded as an album that their friends & family to enjoy, rather than critics or record company hacks, intriguing indeed  and gladly it was the first step to discovering the redemption of Audio Bullys. Okay there isn’t really anything here that we haven’t heard before but it’s a fun, vital party album littered with what used to be called ‘bangin’ tunes’. It manages to recapture and remold much of the enchantment of  their  debut. Lyrically it’s a bit lightweight at times but, hey, it’s more about bass, beats and electro grooves than insightful social commentary.

There’s not a lot of fashionable electro or  dubstep but Audio Bullys have made a welcome and timely return delivering the goods when many, here included, felt they were passed their best, a definite album to give you that Friday feeling.

Mp3: Audio Bullys – Kiss The Sky

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