New Blur Song ‘Fool’s Day’ Free Download

Don’t panic if like me you failed to get your hands on the über limited edition 7 inch vinyl of ‘Fool’s Day’ yesterday, because the band have kindly decided to give it away free from their website. The song was released across the UK at independent music retailers as part of  Record Store Day. Blur’s manager Chris Morrison has said it is important that the song was made available to fans legally.

“To avoid fans having to illegally obtain an inferior copy of this track from pirate sites – we have made it freely available through the band’s website”.

It’s the first song all 4 members of the band have recorded together since Think Tank’s ‘Battery In Your Leg’ way back in 2003 and I’m diggin’ the tune, particularly the trade mark Graham Coxon riffs and solo (which the mp3 misses,or is it just me?).

Is this the start of things to come? I bloody hope so.

Download it here

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