Introducing: Losers

Sometimes you are lucky enough to stumble across a real gem completely unwittingly and that was the case yesterday when I was dually introduced to Losers. The inaptly named group are the combined talents of Eddy Temple Morris,  XFM Remix stalwart and Tom Bellamy of Cooper Temple Clause fame. Up until now these guys have been making their name as re-mixers for the likes of The Prodigy and Empire of The Sun .

So far their stuff is impressive and that’s after only two tracks, new single ‘Flush’ and ‘No Man is an Island’ which is is raspy heads-down electro at it’s best. The former is slick, catchy as hell ghetto fused electro which enlists the on point vocal abilities of Riz MC & Envy, who deliver pinpoint tit-for-tat rhyming so sharp they could cut themselves.  The video is  a work of sheer genius. It’s been a while since something so imaginative has been released, akin too a Victorian opium induced trip fueled by animations from Monty Python.

So far so good, if their future material is up to this standard we shall all be a lot better off.

Mp3: Losers – No Man is an Island

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Losers single ‘Flush’ is released through Distiller records on April 5th.

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