New Futureheads – Heartbeat Song

The Futureheads have enjoyed somewhat of Renaissance following their split from 679 records after the less than inspiring News and Tributes in 2006. The band subsequently retreated to their home town of Sunderland, formed their own label and produced arguably one of the best indie albums of 2008 This Is Not The World. The band seem to be reveling in the new found freedom which is afforded to them and their resurgence appears to be continuing to flourish with the lead track from their new album The Chaos, ‘Heartbeat Song’.

The track is nothing unexpected but it’s what these guys do best, loads of energy, hooks and catchy as hell. Apparently the new album deals with new subject matter as well as the catchy and fun stuff we’re used too, with the band taking aim at greedy politicians and bankers which should be interesting to see how they can mold that into their existing style.

The Chaos will be released on April 26th

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