Download: Tracksuit Warrior – Grungers, get into the rave mix

In July former Super Extra Bonus Party beat maker Tracksuit Warrior astonished us with his spectacular Naff Naff Jack It EP.

How he’s only gone and made a super 30 minute mix, ‘Grungers, get into the rave mix’. It includes a raft of great tunes from Adultrock, Flying Lotus, Gil Scott Heron and more.

Another fine piece of work from the ‘Warrior’, I wonder is there any chance of some live shows at some stage?

You can stream/download it below and the tracklisting is after the jump.

Download: Tracksuit Warrior – Grungers, get into the rave mix

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Introducing: Tracksuit Warrior

Tracksuit Warrior is the new project from former beat maker and tennis racket wielder with Super Extra Bonus Party, Mike Donnelly (DOI: He’s a good friend).

Having left SEBP to pursue other interests Mike now resides in London and has just released Naff Naff Jack It EP. Since first hearing about this project I’ve been extremely excited to see what the outcome would be.

Naff Naff Jack It sails between an astonishing array of electronic styles, from the hazy and ambient ‘I Hope Your Happiness’ and ‘Square One’ to the dark slow building minimal atmospherics of ‘Cold Sweat’. ‘Suit Up And GO’ adds some shimmering sparkle, oozing with a carefree and feelgood ambiance of Screamdelica proportions. ‘Travelling’ Feat. Harry J deserves special praise; magnificent beats, guitars and glorious trumpets kicking into gear for an astonishing climax, spectacular!

Tracksuit Warrior’s Naff Naff Jack It EP is certainly worthy of a few quid but it’s available for FREE from Bandcamp now! 

Download: Tracksuit Warrior – Travelling (Feat. Harry J)

Download: Tracksuit Warrior – Suit Up And GO

Tracksuit Warrior – Cold Sweat