(Video) Throwing Up – ‘Medicine’

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We’ve dropped in on London punk/grunge band, Throwing Up a few times over the past 18 months or so. On each occasion their scuzzy blasts of distortion have impressed and left a feeling of wanting more.

So, here’s the good news. Throwing Up are going to release their debut album Over You, through Tim Burgess’ O Genesis label on July 8th. Recorded and self produced in London last year, it was mixed by Burgess and Jim Spencer and features eleven tracks including ‘Medicine’. The loud, brash and scuzzy ‘Medicine’ has been around for a while but not in it’s newly more polished form. The production may be sharper but it does little to take away from the snarling nature of the song, thankfully. 

Looking forward to finally getting to hear an album from these noise makers, hopefully it lives up to the early promise. 

Throwing Up – ‘Snake’

Throwing Up are set to release a new single ‘Snake’, the first from the band’s forthcoming debut Over You which is set for release at the end of September.

The last time we dropped in on the East London punk trio we were treated to a dose of hard edged, high energy squall of noise. While remaining true to bashing out songs of under 3 minutes, ‘Snake’ is a slow burning piece of snarly garage-rock with smoother production, with an all important lo-fi edge. It really works for them, especially in allowing Benett’s vocals to ring through and her lyrics to hit harder.

Check it out below, September isn’t too far away.

Throwing Up – ‘Big Love’

We had a quick glance at London punk-rock trio Throwing Up last year, when they released 7″ Mother Knows Best.

They are back this time with a brand new single Big Love. You would be hard pushed to find another song that manages to cram so much noise into two minutes. This is a racket with style, thrust by deep bass-lines, distorted chugging guitar and energetic drumming, allowing Camille Bennett’s vocals to soar above the clamor.

You can download ‘Big Love’ below. It will be joined by ‘Red Ribbon’ on the 7″ release, set to come out on 12th March.

Download: Throwing Up – Big Love

Introducing: Throwing Up

Formed in the middle of last year, Throwing Up are the London trio of Clare James Clare, Camille Benett and Ben Rayner.

Loud, brash and angry best describes their snarling brand of punk, as they give it both barrels, in the spirit of two fingers to the world defiant punk. Both tracks on their brand new 7″single, Mother Knows Best, are steeped in grit and distorted, scuzzy riffs. It captures the essence of what they are all about brilliantly.  

It is early days but ones to keep an eye on for sure. Mother Knows Best will be released on November 29th.

Throwing Up – Mother Knows Best

Throwing Up – Medicine