The Sunshine Underground – ‘Don’t Stop’


Leeds band The Sunshine Underground have unveiled the first track from their forthcoming self-titled third album, ‘Don’t Stop’. 

It seems the guitars are set for a more peripheral role as they fully commit themselves to embracing synthy electronica, which is no real surprise, previous single ‘It Is Only You’ suggested as much. ‘Don’t Stop’ is packed with blinding synths, heavy dance beats and signature cowbell, all serving to illuminate their knack for inspiring a sing-a-long. This one has shades of LCD Soundsystem about it and like much of their backcatalogue, this is an utterly cool and dance-inducing track. 

‘Don’t Stop’ will take its place alongside nine other new songs on their self-titled third album, and its out May 19th. This will be their first album in four years as it goes – it’s good to have them back. 

The Sunshine Underground – ‘It Is Only You’


Remember when ‘nu-rave’ was apparently set to take on the world? Well, that whole ‘scene’ came and went but it left us with a couple of decent acts including The Sunshine Underground.

Pigeonholed into that whole ‘nu-rave scene’, The Sunshine Underground always had something about them. Their debut album Raise The Alarm was great and the long-awaited follow up wasn’t too bad either. They been relatively quiet since then, until now that is. The Leeds lads are back with a brand new single, ‘It Is Only You’. It’s a cracking track which sees a slight shift, the guitars are met with more blinding synths, serving to illuminate their knack for a sing-a-long chorus. An utterly cool track with plenty of oomph, and a pretty sweet video to boot. It’s certainly nice to have them back, even if there’s no word on future releases.

‘It Is Only You’ has already been released as a 12″ limited-edition vinyl but will get it’s digital release next Monday. You can pick it up here.

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