BarryGruff’s May 2015 Playlist


A regular monthly feature to the blog; a nice, neat and handy playlist of tracks featured during the month.

May was another fine month for new music. We had an exclusive premier of The Expert’s new tune, ‘Da Wha?’, the lead single from his forthcoming LP. There were new tunes from Sleaford Mods, Girlpool, Applescal & Tame Impala, ahead of their respective, forthcoming albums. There were excellent new singles from Tomorrows, Telegram, SertOne, Roots Manuva, Foreign/National, The Adventures of Bert & Henry and PANKHABILLI.

Also featuring on the playlist are: GEM_DOS, The North Sea, Disconcerting P, Sweet Baboo, Heaters & Faith Healer. Yeah, so, May was pretty damn good.

Listen to BarryGruff’s May 2015 playlist below.

The Adventures of Bert & Henry – ‘Jet Packs’


The Adventures of Bert & Henry are a pair of galloping troubadours from the ragged Welsh coast.

Fun, lovable and charming, we were introduced to the duo’s delectable talent’s last year with the release of some stellar, one-off free singles. The pair are back, returning with a new single ‘Jet Packs’, and they’ve lost none of their sparkle. ‘Jet Packs’ is a sweet and playfully quirky acoustic pop ditty about cosmic lovers (in Zero G). Utilizing a gentle and infectious strum, twinkly keys and some rather beautiful harmonies, the resulting cosmic love song is simply irresistible. There music exudes a sense of enjoyment and fun and they’ve found a sweet spot, where fine musicianship can coexist in perfect harmony with some fun, off-kilter quirkiness.

Here’s hoping that the next time we’re discussing The Adventures of Bert & Henry, it will be about something altogether more substantial, like an EP or an album. For now though, time to enjoy ‘Jet Packs’, check it out below.

Introducing: The Adventures of Bert & Henry

The Adventures of Bert & Henry

Bert and Henry are two galloping troubadours from the ragged Welsh coast.

The duo play acoustic pop songs with a rootsy, blues and folk underbelly, and they do it very well. Their music’s got a real charm to it and an earthy, kind of organic feel to it. Bert & Henry’s adventures, for now at least, are confined to two songs, which is just enough to get a feel for what this pair are all about. ‘Mary Ann’ utilizes an array of acoustic instruments, gentle strum and lovely vocal harmonies, airing a broken hearted tale in a more traditional folk fashion than it’s companion, ‘Not Waving But Raving’. The latter veers further left of field. It’s a powerful, stomping bassy country blues tune that’s fed through a vortex inhabited by Captain Beefheart influences, with a twist of The Small Faces, when they were knocking out their unique brand of late-Sixties Cockney psychedelia. Both tracks don’t take themselves too seriously either, and have just the right amount of off-kilter oddity and quirkiness.

That’s it. Simple. Now it’s time to check out ‘Mary Ann’ & ‘Not Waving But Raving’. Both tracks are below and available as free downloads. You can’t say fairer than that.