Gaz Coombes – ’20/20′


It is certainly that time when we’re inundated with news of releases forthcoming in the new year but to be honest, it’s nice to see what’s on the horizon amid all the lists taking stock and concluding 2014.

One such announcement comes courtesy of former Supergrass frontman Gaz Coombes, who’s revealed he will release a second solo album Matador, in January. Recorded in both Coombes’ home studio and Courtyard Studios in Oxfordshire, it follows his excellent Here Come The Bombs from 2012. Having previously shared ‘Buffalo‘, Mr. Coombes has revealed ’20/20′, a second track taken from the forthcoming LP. ’20/20’ sees Coombes continue to embrace a freshly found freedom, allowing for an exploration of more imaginative ideas. Yet, that knack for crafting ear catching melodies remains a cornerstone of everything he does as a forlorn and eerie piano accompanies some heavenly vocal harmonies, before quickly giving way to an electro/acoustic arrangement of guitars, clicky percussion and blissful atmospherics. An absolutely magnificent return from the former Supergrass frontman.

You have to wait till January 26th for Matador but you can listen to ’20/20′ below, right now.

Gaz Coombes – ‘Subdivider’ | Former Supergrass man debuts new material

Gaz Coombes is set to release his debut solo album,  Here Come The Bombs, his first material since Supergrass announced their split in 2010.

The album was produced alongside Sam Williams, the man with whom he worked with while in Supergrass and is said to have been inspired by the soundtrack works of John Barry and John Carpenter. Heralding this announcement we have ‘Sub Divider’, a taste of things to come perhaps. Broken essentially two distinct parts, beginning slowly before kicking into a climactic guitar driven finale, it sounds different yet very familiar at the same time.

It’s great to see the return of Coombes distinctive drawl and that famous love of melody that marked some of Supergrass’s finer moments. 

Coombes’ debut solo record, Here Come The Bombs, will be released on May 21st. You can stream his new track ‘Sub Divider’ below.

Gaz Coombes – Subdivider

Farewell Supergrass

Way to wreck a buzz? Just as the Ice-age was receding and what looked like some semblance of summer had arrived we are hit with the wet fish of Supergrass’s announcement to call it a day this summer after a fruitful 17 years. The statement read:

“Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years. We still love each other but, cliché notwithstanding, musical differences have led to us moving on and of course we all wish each other well in the future.”

Supergrass exploded on the scene during the Britpop years with the singles ‘Caught by the Fuzz’, ‘Alright’ and ‘Mansize Rooster’. Over the course of their career Supergrass proved many doubters wrong, carving out their totally idiosyncratic and not insubstantial niche in rock music over six studio albums and some of the punchiest singles ever. They went on to outlive most of their contemporaries, yes there was plenty of absolute drivel released during the Britpop days and after, but not by Supergrass who should be placed firmly on par with the likes of blur in terms ability, quality and consistency.

One of their greatest attributes was their undoubted ability to produce fun, quirky and often humorous music whilst equally at home with more serious material whilst always rockin’, especially live. It is perhaps due to the former that they never received the true credit they deserved and remained unfortunately one of the most underrated bands of their time, especially considering the praise and attention heaped on The Verve and Blur when they reformed, warranted or not.

For me it’s their b-sides that make them extra special, while many others simply used second or third-rate tracks to fill up singles they more often than not produced tracks with quality that usually befits an album. I must dig some of them out on here at a later stage, just remember the immortal lines “In one, Shepherds pie, In two, Shepherds pie, In three, Shepherds pie, And Bully’s special prize, A years supply of shepherds pie (oh, cheers)”.

Onwards and upwards, I guess this is karma, Blur announced some new material in the offing and The Libertines reform, the balance in the force has been realigned.

The band will play four farewell shows in Glasgow, Manchester, London and Paris this summer.