Session Victim Release New EP; Listen to ‘Up To Rise’


Session Victim are currently putting the finishing touches to their third album, but while we await its release, we’re treated to some surprise new material from the Berlin/Hamburg duo.

The German pair have a new EP, Matching Half out this week, and from which we have ‘Up To Rise’. It is 7 minutes plus of deliciously vibrant, instrumental, disco-edged Balearic house. Sifting through a warm and fluffy haze of soft but lively drum rhythms, jazzy samples, Balearic vibes and undeniably danceable groove;  ‘Up To Rise’ makes for an incredible and irresistible, one track sure to engulf any dance floor in euphoria. This one will leave you in a sort of slo-mo state of blissful hypnosis and utterly content.

You can sample the superb ‘Up To Rise’ below, while you can get all the necessary details for Matching Half here.

Session Victim – ‘Random Blues’


If you cast you mind back to last year, you might remember there was quite a bit of fuss on here about Session Victim‘s album, The Haunted House of House. And rightfully so. It is slick, classy and neat deep house record.

Session Victim are at it again. The German duo of Hauke Freer and Matthias Reiling have teamed up with Brighton house label, Wolf Music for a new EP, WOLF EP018. Sharing the wax with Medlar, Squarehead (not our Squarehead) and Ishmael, Session Victim’s inclusion is ‘Random Blues’; a is a slow-burner, gently building, deep house jam which blends touches of disco and soul, nicely and neatly polished off with an undeniable dance groove.

The 12″ EP is out on May 6th through Wolf Music with a digital release date TBA.

(Video) Session Victim – ‘Dark Sienna’

Hamburg/Berlin based Session Victim release their debut album, The Haunted House of House this week.

Taken from the duo’s aforementioned album, ‘Dark Sienna’, blends touches of disco and soul into a nice neat house package,  polished off with an undeniable dance groove. The video is pretty neat too and was filmed, directed & edited Paul Fegan.

It would seem The Haunted House of House might be an album worth checking out.