S.C.U.M – White Chapel (Light Asylum Remix)

S.C.U.M are to release their debut album Again Into Eyes on September 12th.

Their singles so far, ‘Summon the Sound‘ and ‘Amber Hands‘ have been impressive, as has their dark swirly shoegazey vibe. Ahead of the album’s release S.C.U.M have unveiled Light Asylum’s rework of forthcoming single, ‘White Chapel’. Light Asylum have transformed ‘Whitechapel’ from burning post-punk to a bright and up tempo dance track.

I can’t help but get a very Chemical Brothers vibe from this one. 

Download: S.C.U.M – White Chapel (Light Asylum Remix)

S.C.U.M – ‘Amber Hands’

London shoegazers’ S.C.U.M have announced their first single from the forthcoming album, Again Into Eyes (due in September via Mute).

 ‘Amber Hands’ comes hot on the heals of ‘Summon The Sound’ (released earlier in ’11) and treads a very similar path; mammoth shoegazey rock with slightly darkened arrangements and wistful sentiment adding to Thomas Cohen’s epic crooning drawl.

‘Amber Hands’ is out on July 18th and comes backed with mixes by Sonic Boom and Silver Apples and exclusive track ‘Fountains’. Their debut album follows in September. It’s looking very promising.

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 S.C.U.M – Amber Hands

S.C.U.M – Summon The Sound

London-based post-punk band, S.C.U.M (who take their name from the 1968 feminist manifesto Society For Cutting Up Men), have been steadily building up steam in their native city over the past year or so. 

‘Summon The Sound’ is the first taste of what to expect fromtheir debut album, due out in August. ‘Summon The Sound’ is a dark epic slow burner, recalling the kind of sound The Horrors perfected on their second album, Primary Colours. A stunning track which certainly whets the appetite with an album only around the corner. 

This also featured on an exclusive Record Store Day vinyl, Vorwartsalong with unreleased material from Can, Liars and Grinderman. 

You can watch the hellish video and download the track below.

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Download: S.C.U.M – Summon The Sound via thisisfakediy