Rally Club – ‘Space’


Beginning life with a series bedroom recordings in 2015, San Diego foursome Rally Club specialise in a melodic brand of indie-pop that is both instantly likeable and likely to have your head bopping from the get-go.

Their latest single ‘Space’ is a perfect case in point. You’re immediately sucked in, powerless to resist the tantalising allure of jangly hooks, surf-pop riffs and garage rock reverb. This is easy on the ear, chorus-drenched melodic indie-pop that rides on the wave of something that is fantastically infectious. A light dusting of fuzz adds a sense of sun, sand and summer to a song that is all at once, rousing yet beautiful and somewhat mildly melancholic but oozing coolness. This is the kind of musical gem that should set all those who cross paths with it, tongues wagging in appreciation of its sheer marvellous.

Tune in to ‘Space’ below now: