(Video) Paul Davies – ‘Why Did I Give You My Heart?’


Paul Davies proved his credentials as songwriter and wry storytelling ability last year with his EP, If You Only Knew, and almost exactly one year on, Davies is back once again. 

Ahead of a forthcoming new and so far nameless EP, Davies has produced a quirky DIY style video for ‘Why Did I Give You My Heart?’. Taken from last year’s If You Only Knew EP, it captures the heartwarming nature of that quintessential Paul Davies sound. It’s subtle, graceful and charming, as a gentle woozy strum accompanies his soft and gentle vocals along a passage of melancholic musings. In the past unequivocal comparisons were drawn between Davies and the slower, vulnerable moments of both Pete Doherty or Graham Coxon’s solo work. It is a similarity that still stands.

Check ‘Why Did I Give You My Heart?’ and it’s accompanying video below. No concrete details yet on the forthcoming release but hopefully it’s sooner rather than later.

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Introducing: Paul Davies

The term ‘singer-songwriter’ often conjures up all kinds of negative connotations, unfairly it must be said, because when it’s done right it is as rewarding as any musical style.

A case is point is London-based songwriter Paul Davies who’s wry storytelling and a gentle woozy strum is imbued genuine feeling and emotion. Fractured, vulnerable, gentle and hurt, his best qualities shine brightly as he plucks away at the heartstrings. Davies has brewed something subtle, graceful and charming, which will draw unequivocal comparisons with the slower more vulnerable moments from both Pete Doherty or Graham Coxon’s solo work. Certainly not bad company to be in.

Davies’ new EP If You Only Knew is out on October 1st via his own JAG label.