Fold – ‘A Victim’s Mentality’


Leeds based Trip Hop / Breakbeat / Hip-Hop outfit Fold are gearing up to release their long-awaited and much anticipated debut album, released on November 3rd.

Long-standing BarryGruff favourites, the inventive and experimental quartet have the propensity for the magnificent, producing incredible music blending their enviable creativity with a social consciousness. Prior to their self-titled debut album, Fold have released lead single ‘A Victim’s Mentality’, which exhibits their pre-eminence in compelling fashion. A smooth, lavish and carefully weaved blend of mellow hip hop and trip hop grooves – peppered with brass above and a muffled, dreamy bassline running beneath it – accentuating the natural spoken rhythms of Mr Gee’s eloquent and thought provoking, poetic lyricisms. Absolutely stunning work from one of the most unique and exciting acts around. 

You can listen to ‘A Victim’s Mentality’ below and it is out now. Fold’s self-titled debut album meanwhile, is released on November 3rd – you can pre-order it here.

Oh, and, Fold featured on GruffWuff – a 19 Track Compilation to celebrate 5 years of BarryGruff  – you check out their inclusion ‘That’s It’ here, and download the entire album for FREE too.


Fold ft. Mr Gee – ‘Salvation’


Earlier this year Fold caught our attention with their stunning rework of Public Service Broadcasting’s ‘Theme From PSB’. A few weeks back, the Leeds based four piece released an EP of their very own, entitled Salvation.

Salvation sees a pairing of their unique musical stylings with the poetic lyricisms of Mr. Gee. This is a compelling collaboration of experimental downtempo, hip hop and trip hop grooves, smoothly and intricately incorporated around thought provoking politicized poetics; calling into question the behavior of politicians, the political system itself and the treatment and public perceptions of immigrants among other topics. Superlative in its entirety, Salvation is one of the most compelling and distinctive releases of the year, yet all records must have their standouts. In this case it is the title track, ‘Salvation’. A warm aural feast of soft drum rhythms, trip hop grooves and dubby layers, peppered with uplifting brass samples which are smoothly intertwined around Mr. Gee’s ponderous lyricisms. Marvelous stuff.

The EP is out on now on their own FoldFM label. Try the choice cuts out for size below, or pop over here and pick up a copy of the EP for yourself.