Mama Kokomo – ‘Valley of Heat’


‘Valley of Heat’ is the second single from Los Angeles-based outfit Mama Kokomo.

It follows their gorgeous, hazy debut ‘Primavera Feel’ and we find the dream pop trio – Krista Michaela, Hank Smith, and Dorvin Borman – continuing to embrace their penchant for slumbering atmospherics and psychedelic soundscapes. ‘Valley of Heat’ saunters along a steady, click-clacking beat as guitars shimmer, synth twinkle amid the atmospheric, hazy mist as Michaela’s mellow, breathy vocal adds a final slumbering layer of dreaminess. It is a beautifully dreamy dose of mellow, ethereal and mildly psychedelic tranquility.

Listen to ‘Valley of Heat’ below – in all its splendor.

Mama Kokomo – ‘Primavera Feel’


Los Angeles-based dream pop three-piece Mama Kokomo has just released their hazy first single ‘Primavera Feel’ and it’s bringing the gorgeous, slumbering vibes of a somnolent summer day.

The trio – Krista Michaela, Hank Smith, and Dorvin Borman – have a penchant for atmospheric instrumentation, jangly percussion, and psychedelic soundscapes, something born out perfectly on their debut single. ‘Primavera Feel’ sort of floats, along a warm, dreamy groove in a sea of lush undulations, in which it shimmers and sparkles. While most definitely permeated by a burning sense of longing, there is an understated feeling of defiance as it fizzes with a brimming positivity. A warm, dreamy and downright magnificent delight.

Listen to ‘Primavera Feel’ below – it doesn’t disappoint.