Introducing: Kyle Lee and the Mexican Walking Fish


Hailing from Bangor in North Wales, Kyle Lee and the Mexican Walking Fish carefully crafted beautiful, soft acoustic (predominantly) alt-country ballads.

Now, Kyle Lee and the Mexican Walking Fish isn’t likely to be a name you’ll forget in hurry but reassuringly, the music is just as memorable as their handle. The likes of ‘Humble Human Being’, ‘When we’re Lost’ and ‘Things Never Change’ flow gently by, amid a sea of subtle instrumentation and soft lilting vocals. Backed by The Mexican Walking Fish, Lee’s soft whispering lyricisms are shrouded in melancholy, adding a comforting air of vulnerability which binds everything together beautifully. There is a willingness to branch out beyond the relative simplicity of ballads, ‘Humble Human Being’ is peppered with brass, organ and banjo, lifting it to lofty heights. To put it simply; these are beautiful, simplistic and assured songs.

You can listen to a few choice cuts from Kyle Lee and the Mexican Walking Fish below.