Novella – ‘Land Gone’


London outfit Novella will finally release their debut album Land on May 11th via Sinderlyn, and accompanying this rather exciting news is a brand new single, ‘Land Gone’.

‘Land Gone’ is an exciting intro to what we might expect which demonstrates both their appeal, and how their sound has grown. ‘Land Gone’ is a fast-paced and ever morphing, sprawling and expansive blend of shoegazey krautrock. It flourishing with dazzling array of shimmering guitars, motorik rhythms, cosmic harmonies and heavenly vocals , before eventually swelling and climaxing with a monstrous guitar outro and crashing percussion. It’s polished but not overly so, as to stay true to their trademark sound, while expanding into richer, fuller territory with the addition of Krautrock and electronic elements to their well honed off-kilter pysch-pop.

Check out ‘Land Gone’ below and perhaps stick May 11th in the diary. You could also check their 2013 EP, Murmurs, it was rather good.

R. Seiliog – ‘Mt. Essa’

seiliog 2014

This week sees R. Seiliog (aka Robin Edwards) release his brand new album In Hz, which follows up 2012’s Shuffles EP and last year’s sublime mini-album, Doppler.

The Welsh electronic experimenter extraordinaire has already made quite an impression with his immersive and hypnotic genre-blending, majestically blurring the lines between exhilarating electro and propulsive Krautrock. A description which continues to fit R.Seiliog and the record’s lead single, ‘Mt. Essa’, quite well. A spectacular four minutes that is spearheaded by swishes of looped bells which eventually become consumed by waves of crunching beats, liquid blissfulness and boundless flourishes of crystalline percussion. Lush, glistening and altogether alive; this is the sound of R.Seiliog at the very top of his game. His new record In Hz, should be destined to enhance a growing rep as one of the the most enticing, intriguing and dynamic producers around.

You can be real nice to your ears and treat them to ‘Mt. Essa’ below & you can also stream In Hz in full here.

Hippies Vs Ghosts – ‘Wazo’


Can you really have too much of a good thing? Well not in the case of Hippies Vs Ghosts, the side project from We Are Animal guitarist & vocalist, Owain Ginsberg, the gift that just keeps giving!

Since blasting on to the scene some 18 months ago, under this particular guise, Ginsberg has regularly blown us away with his kaleidoscopic, instrumental Morricone meets krautrock sound. During which time he’s already served up a number of quality EPs, one off tracks and a stunning debut album, Mother Tongue (one of 2014’s finest). In a parting gesture to a rather productive 2014, Hippies Vs Ghosts are signing off with a brand new 7″ single ‘Wazo’, out via Too Pure Records. ‘Wazo’ captures the very essence of Hippies Vs Ghosts; krautrock indebted psychedelia, of epic proportions. Propelled onward by a chugging bass and persistent percussives, it hurtles along at breakneck speed with menacing intent, bending and contorting through a sea of swirling noise and scorching riffs. Urgent, catchy, and oh so irresistible! It’s b-side companion, ‘Hibou Calling’ is a much more tempered affair. A gentle acoustic strum, soft percussion and hushed repeated vocals fuse with some floaty sonic sounding atmospherics to soothe the soul and whisk ones mind away to a lofty transcendental plain. Truly exceptional once again from Mr. Ginsberg.

You can listen to ‘Wazo’ & ‘Hibou Calling’ below. ‘Wazo’ will be released on 7″ through Too Pure Records & limited to 500 hundred pressings – although there’s no confirmed date for the release yet.

R.Seiliog – ‘Velcro For Vortex’

R.Seiliog - ‘Velcro For Vortex’

R. Seiliog AKA Robin Edwards is set to release a brand new album In Hz on December 1st and will follow 2012’s Shuffles EP and 2013’s sublime mini-album, Doppler.

The Welsh electronic experimenter extraordinaire has offered a first glimpse into his forthcoming new LP in the shape of  ‘Velcro For Vortex’. As has become his forte, ‘Velcro For Vortex’ is an immersive and hypnotic genre-bender, majestically blurring the lines between exhilarating electro and propulsive Krautrock. Swishing all manner of electronics, loops, faintly audible sounds, drone surges and ambient techno, combining to submerge everything by the halfway mark and bursting through as something altogether glistening and supremely psychedelic. R.Seiliog is clearly at the very top of his game, that has been apparent for quite sometime now,  ‘Velcro For Vortex’ and album In Hz, will only enhance a growing realisation that he is one of the the most enticing, intriguing and dynamic producers around.

You can run your ears over  ‘Velcro For Vortex’ below and In Hz is out on December 1st through Turnstile.

Hippies Vs Ghosts – ‘Tales of a Lost Bike’ et al

Hippies Vs Ghosts

Hippies Vs Ghosts, the side project from We Are Animal guitarist & vocalist, Owain Ginsberg, has proven rather prolific and rewarding since it’s inception, just over 12 months ago. During which time he’s already served up a number of quality EPs, one off tracks and a stunning debut album, Mother Tongue (one of this years finest).

Thankfully it seems this insatiable appetite for releasing new music has yet to be abated, with news of a forthcoming limited edition vinyl release through Too Pure Records. And more immediately however, some new Hippies Vs Ghosts jams were released online earlier this week and in short; they are fantastic. Continuing in the same vein as previous work – a kaleidoscopic, instrumental Morricone meets krautrock sound – what has become Hippies Vs Ghosts’ signature. ‘Thumbs Up To John’, ‘Tales of a Lost Bike’ and ‘Weather Song’ take us on free-wheeling psychedelic journey through a fascinatingly imaginative, experimental and spaced-out world with an unrestrained organic flow. Swirling noise, seriously groovy yet slightly peculiar (in a good way), as we’re lifted through the swirling noise and earthy production by a driven, electrifying energy, intense riffs and meaty basslines.

Devastatingly excellent stuff from Hippies Vs Ghosts yet again, no indication yet whether these new tracks will make up the bones of the vinyl release, only time will tell. Until then? Time to get acquainted with Thumbs Up To John’, ‘Tales of a Lost Bike’ & ‘Weather Song’ below.

Dark Horses – ‘Saturn Returns’


After the extremely impressive ‘Live On Hunger’ earlier this year, ‘Saturn Returns’ is the second track to emerge from Dark Horses‘ forthcoming second album Hail Lucid State.

It’s been almost two years since Dark Horses released their brooding, haunting and shadowy debut LP, Black Music. ‘Live On Hunger’ suggested the intervening time has done little to abate their predilection for shadowy darkness, but introduced a greater sense of urgency and anxiousness – something ‘Saturn Returns’ confirms. Once again they have turned to Richard Fearless (Death In Vegas) for his production wizardry and Fearless’ stamp clearly discernible from the opening drone as it spirals away. ‘Saturn Returns’ is an urgent, catchy, and irresistible blend of burning and anxious post-punk, with flourishes of psychedelia and shades of Krautrock in its eternal groove. Driving guitars and percussion are embellished with layers of noise echoey psychedelic reverberations, floating transcendental synths and pulsating electronics. It could sit quite nicely alongside some of Fearless’ own work, or David Holmes’ masterpiece, The Holy Pictures. Irresistibly stunning stuff from Dark Horses.

You can check ‘Saturn Returns’ out for yourself below. Dark Horses’ second LP, Hail Lucid State, is due for for release on August 26th via Last Gang Records.