Download | Kaleid – Sticker

We have checked in with young Newbridge producer Kaleid (Aka Peter Fleming) a number of times in recent months and he has continually impressed at each time of asking.

Kaleid continues this trend with ‘Sticker’, another slick electronic production. While it is a little more down tempo than previous tracks, the standard remains the same, extremely high. There is clearly a definite depth and scope to this young man’s talent

You can download ‘Sticker’ below and his debut EP, Clarence via bandcamp.

Download: Kaleid – Sticker

Free Music | Kaleid – Clarence EP

Continuing, or concluding last weeks running theme of musical delicacies from Newbridge comes Kaleid.

Kaleid (Aka Peter Fleming) is a young Newbridge resident and musician who has previously featured on the blog last year. He has just dropped his debut EP, Clarence via Dublin’s First Second Label. Over three tracks we are treated to some slick electronic productions which radiate an overwhelming feel good and spacey vibe. This is a little different to what I had heard before but no less impressive, in fact, it is quite a statement of intent.

You can stream a few choice cuts below or pop over to bandcamp and download the entire EP for free.

Download: Kaleid – Clarence

 Download: Kaleid – Six Plus

Introducing: Kaleid

With the astounding depth of talent coming out of Newbridge right now, introducing this talent is becoming something of a regular occurrence.

Kaleid (aka Peter Fleming) is a 19 year old musician originally from Dublin but now living in Newbridge. His sound is heavily indebted to dubstep and bass and evolved from a love of hip-hop, drum and bass and house. 

He began life djing at parties but over the past 12 months has taken to making his own sounds. His latest cut ‘Lime’ is superb and captures what he’s all about; a steady building minimal track full of glitchy beats with a slight spacey feel. 

Kaleid is currently a resident DJ at ‘Decoy Dublin’. You can catch a one hour feature for Whiplash on RTE Pulse, September 30th.

Kaleid – Lime

Download: Kaleid – Mix for Whiplash (RTE Pulse)