JW Ridley – ‘Blitz’


Following swiftly from his recent single, ‘1990’, JW Ridley returns with a new release in the form of single ‘Blitz’.

It follows on nicely from ‘Everything (Deathless)’ and ‘1990’ in what has been a staggeringly assured run of early releases. This latest effort from the London artist is a short, punchy and urgent three minute sliver of new-wavey-y/post-punk. ‘Blitz’ is all at once, brooding, gorgeous and frenetic. It harnesses its power from riff-tapping, propulsive synth, as urgent verses – in a haunting, reflective vocal – make way for a chorus that envelopes expansively into an immense scenescape as motoring, post-punk guitars, driving beats pushes ‘Blitz’ on, ever forward. Yet another captivating and compelling cut from JW Ridley, hopefully it is but a prelude to even great rewards with an EP coming later in the year.

For now, listen to ‘Blitz’ below now.

JW Ridley – ‘1990’


Londoner JW Ridley has returned with a beautifully understated new single ‘1990’.

The new single follows motorik, urgent sliver of alternative-indie-disco collaboration with Dan Carey ‘Everything (Deathless)’, and sees Ridley embark on an immersive journey inwards. More focused on atmosphere and delicate ambience, ‘1990’ is led by rippling piano and warm chimes of guitar, it builds from an origin of fragility into a stunning supernova climax. This is the sort of captivating, emotion-filled song that compels you to listen, demanding all of your undivided attention. Great to hear from JW Ridley again and hopefully we’ll be treated to further new releases in the not so distant future too.

For now, of course there is the no so small matter of ‘1990’. Enjoy its stunning qualities below.

JW Ridley – ‘Everything (Deathless)’


London newcomer JW Ridley has teamed up with producer Dan Carey’s Speedy Wunderground project, for the release of his debut single ‘Everything (Deathless)’.

Ridley’s debut it may be but ‘Everything (Deathless)’ is the 20th single release from Speedy Wunderground – a singles label where each release has been written and recorded in 24 hours, and coordinated by Carey – and it is a good as anything from it so far. ‘Everything (Deathless)’ is sort of subdued and moody, but an urgent sliver of alternative-indie-disco. It relentlessly pounds forward with a beautiful combination of layered guitar, synth lines and a nifty solo, and washed out vocals, to boot. Urgent, hypnotic and breathless guitar pop; this is as fine a debut single as you could want from JW Ridley, and a extremely worthy addition to the Speedy Wunderground family.

‘Everything (Deathless)’ is due for a limited 7″ release on 10th February but you can listen to it now, below.