Joy Downer – ‘Plastic Wrap’


Los Angeles-based Joy Downer aka husband and wife duo Joy and Jeff Downer have been building a rep for cooking up all manner of gorgeous indie-pop.

The creative chemistry between the pair is electric, as evidenced by buoyant, breezy and grooving previous single ‘Stranger Places’. The good news is, Joy Downer are back with a new track and it is just as incredibly addicting and deeply infectious as anything that has gone before it. A catchy-as-hell chorus, mesmerizing melody, seductive groove, lush synths, rhythmic guitars, and pulsing drum machines converge to leave us with a earworm piece of synthy indie-pop perfection. The vocals from Joy meanwhile are like a cool breeze on a hot day, cool, alluring and refreshing.

You’ll find yourself powerless to the infectious feel good vibes and be putting it on “repeat, repeat, repeat.” Get acquainted with ‘Plastic Wrap’ below:

Introducing: Joy Downer


Joy Downer is husband/wife duo Joy Bishop and Jeff Downer, originally from San Diego but now based in Los Angeles who are cooking up all manner of gorgeous indie-pop.

Inspired by themes of duality; light and dark, man and woman, mind and matter which collide to set the backdrop of the sound. And on another matter of duality, the creative chemistry between the pair is such that, from the outside at least, ideas and songs seem to flow with an effortless ease. ‘Stranger Places’ has a decidedly easy and breezy feel, the gentle buoyancy of its bass grooves floating away to joyful hand claps and whirring synths are only anchored steady drums and groovy rhythms. Meanwhile, Bishop’s saccharine vocal would bring cheer to the most despondent among us, on the bluest day of all. It is a delicately balanced dynamic done with a hooky, shimmery, smile-inducing sounds. Latest single ‘Goddamnit’ is more impassioned and intimate with immaculate storytelling as a tale of broken hearts is recanted in a world that is slowly falling apart. The soft and aching vocals are imbued with a powerful sense of emotion while the instrumentation is superb; this pop song for the brokenhearted is buoyed by the flourishes of the horns. This pairs talent’s has served us with an irresistible and irrefutably infectious indie-pop – and long may that continue.

You can listen to ‘Goddamnit’ & ‘Stranger Places’ below, both of which are taken from Joy Downer’s latest EP Radio Dreamer – listen to it here.