Johnny Kills – ‘Who’s Counting?’


We’ve been keeping tabs on garage-surf outfit Johnny Kills for quite a while now.

In that time the Brighton/London-based trio never failed to deliver, unleashing a series of infectious and fuzzed up anthems including ‘Let’s Talk About Me’, ‘My Shirt Guy Is High’ and ‘End Game’. Johnny Kills’ early output has been very impressive – and that’s not just my opinion – with it being the catalyst for their recent signing to cult record label Killing Moon. It is the first fruits from this new partnership that draws our attention today, namely new single ‘Who’s Counting?’. Packing plenty of power-pop punch, ‘Who’s Counting’ sees Johnny Kills channelling their inner most FIDLAR and Wavves. Jaunty riffs mingle with an anthemic chorus full of festival-ready bounce, while the surf-rock guitars and propulsive bassline complete this fuzz and fun-filled scuzzy-pop tour-de-force. Another swaggering garage-surf rock inspired sensation; top marks!

Listen to ‘Who’s Counting?’ below and while you’re at it, if you have not done so already, why not get acquainted with Johnny Kills’ excellent back catalogue.

Johnny Kills – ‘End Game’


Brighton/London-based garage-surf trio Johnny Kills have been delighting our ears with a series of infectious and scuzzed-up singles; ‘Let’s Talk About Me’ & ‘My Shirt Guy Is High’.

The trio have returned with a scintillating, razor-sharp single ‘End Game’. A fizzy sub-three-minute blast of fuzzed-up and scuzzy alchemy. Vocals flicker in and out between meaty bass, crunchy riffs and searing percussion, all the while maintaining a sweetly melodic core. Clocking in at just under three minutes, it does not mess about and it will certainly brighten your day.

Everything from Johnny Kills thus far has been sensational, here’s to that trend continuing into the future.

For now though, you can take a listen to the superb ‘End Game’ below.

Johnny Kills – ‘My Shirt Guy Is High’


Johnny Kills set out their stall with infectious scuzz-fest debut single, ‘Let’s Talk About Me’, and the Brighton/London-based garage-surf trio have returned with a new fuzzed-up delight called ‘My Shirt Guy Is High’.

A three-minute adventure of fuzzy and fun-filled blast of scuzzy, sweetly melodic garagey, noise-pop. The mildly distorted vocals and cooing harmonies go hand-in-hand with the crunchy guitar riffs and rhythmic drumming – and the addition of the organ (and the organ work) is a revelation! There is an irresistible alchemy at work here. What makes Johhny Kills ear-pleasing racket is they eek out a sweet spot between scuzz and pop; as fine an execution as your likely to ever hear to be fair. The next tune from these guys cannot come quick enough – thus far they have proven themselves to be quite the treasure.

For now though, get yourself acquainted with ‘My Shirt Guy Is High’ below.

Johnny Kills – ‘Let’s Talk About Me’


‘Let’s Talk About Me’ is the debut single from Brighton/London/York based garage-surf trio, Johnny Kills.

Now, by debut, just to be clear; this is their first ‘official’ release; the trio of noisemakers have already stolen hearts and minds with a series of tasty demos. With ‘Let’s Talk About Me’ they build on said promise, delivering a completely and utterly infectious hybrid of racey garage rock meets the early britpop stylings of Blur. Fuzzed-up and powerful riffs dance with unforgettable sing-along choruses, infused with a joyous melodies, pop sensibility and hooks you can hang your hat on. Undeniably brilliant and irresistible guitar pop with just the right amount of scuzz and fuzz to zap the sweetness of the pop. Just listen to the “la la la la la” of the chorus and you will be powerless to resist the persuasive prowess of this new single.

‘Let’s Talk About Me’ is out now, ignore it below at your miserable peril.