Jezz At Home – ‘One Track Mind’


It’s been while since having call to talk about Lyon duo Tom Beaulaigue and Laurent Nivon, aka Jezz At Home. Since the genre hopping adventures of their debut EP, Mad, things have been regrettably quiet.

The duo have broken radio silence with new tune, ‘One Track Mind’. It, like previous tunes, incorporates their love of jazzy hip hop and encapsulates a belief that there are no borders or boundaries between genres. ‘One Track Mind’ opens with a gently pattering drum beat only to unexpectedly explode into glittery disco. This one’s got a serious groove and plenty of bounce, especially in that insidiously catchy, deep funky bassline. The plurality of the duo’s differing musical backgrounds, one techno & one hip-hop, makes for a intriguing and absorbing listen, but what makes them standout even further is their ability to assimilate them together into a slick, neat and cohesive production. Yet another slick and downright infectious feelgood production from the French duo.

Stream / Download ‘One Track Mind’ below. 

Jezz At Home – ‘Mad’

Jezz at Home

Jezz At Home are a French duo (from Lyon, I think) who’s musical passions arise from two separate schools, Techno on one side and hip-hop on the other. The result of this union is one where styles are mixed and influences insidiously blend together.

Having worked together for some time, the union has borne a child, well an EP actually. Title track ‘Mad’ reflects the plurality of the duo’s background as jazzy hip hop and snappy beats are met with a dash of dub reggae. It is a downright infectious near eight minutes of slick feelgood sounds.

Jezz At Home’s Mad EP is out now through Swarm Prod. You can stream ‘Mad’ and ‘Armless Guitar’ below, and you’ll get the idea.