Pablo Zuazo – ‘Macaco Nu Jazz’


Pablo Zuazo is a Brazilian-born jazz pianist, singer and songwriter who’s genre-defying sound zigzags between bossa nova, MPB, jazz, samba, hip hop and electronica.

This genre hopping approach is demonstrated expertly and with precision by single ‘Macaco Nu Jazz’. An astounding and meticulously crafted affair, it is a lavish exploration of genres, styles and eras. Macaco Nu Jazz’ is a super cool, gloriously smooth and funky head nodding adventure, spliced and diced into an infectious beat filled jam. You will be lost in a sea of breathtakingly lush layers, choice samples and irresistible beats and groove. Maintaining chillout and feelgood vibes, Zuazo has created a sound which oozes nostalgic feelings for all manner of hazy summer days and nights. An exemplary display of his deft skills.

Fall in love with ‘Macaco Nu Jazz’ below:

Introducing: Pomona Dream


Pomona Dream are Swedish duo comprised of singer/composer Sandra Bang and producer Ribbs, and fully fledged jazzy, synth laced hip-pop enthusiasts.

There is a delicate fusion of jazzy hip-hop with contemporary, dreamy indie pop, brewed to create an infectious, fresh and gorgeous smooth sound. Take the pair’s most recent gift to the world, ‘Easy Raider’, imbued with an airy, sunny disposition and snazzy, jazzy textures with a beat that keeps popping and bassline that just won’t let you go – you’ll have it on repeat. It’s predecessor, ‘Tropicana’ is no less irresistible. With some amazing chillout bossa nova and jazzy vibes, this one brings some serious summer vibes and a fabulous flute solo to the fore. Here are but two of many, many solid reasons to let a bit of Pomona Dream into your life – and you know what? You’ll be all the better for it.

You can sample some of Pomona Dream’s finest offerings below now:

Fold Return With New Single ‘Something Gives’


Experimental Hip-Hop/Trip Hop outfit Fold have solid credentials when it comes to producing incredible music. Blending this enviable creativity with a social consciousness, they create something powerful and unique.

Fold have returned with their first new material since last year’s superb self-titled debut album. The new single is called ‘Something Gives’ and will be released on September 12 via Bandcamp. The Leeds based quartet felt compelled to respond, somehow, to the heavy sociopolitical escalations of late on both sides of the pond. This breezy, easy on the ears slice of fresh, jazzy hip-hop, is their way of bridging the distances & expressing universal solidarity as human beings. Essentially a vehicle for the eloquence of James Baldwin whose voice, along with that of Alice Walker, is the basis of the track; which is dedicated to the memory of James Baldwin and all that he articulated so beautifully. Fold don’t ever disappoint, and they ain’t about to start now. Absolutely stunning work from one of the most unique and exciting acts around.

‘Something Gives’ will be out on September 12 via Bandcamp. Until then, you can familiarise yourself with it below.