Wovoka Gentle – ‘Peculiar Form Of Sleep’


Wovoka Gentle are Imogen Mason, Ellie Mason and William J. Stokes, a trio from London, they craft a colourful confection of neon bright sounds as they hop between genres and styles drawn from a melting pot of influences into a striking blend of understated indie, with an electro groove at its heart.

The trio’s latest single ‘Peculiar Form Of Sleep’ captures this aesthetic perfectly. Effortlessly catchy, upbeat and bursting with vitality, wonderful vocal harmonies float above a relentless, surging synth pulse and dance beat. as it saunters it’s way along a slinky electronic groove. Anchored by alluring sunny harmonies and infectious, off-kilter melodies, not only is it a real groover but this is electrifying, neon bright indie music to dance to – and pure magic!

Their latest single is a real doozy and should feature on their debut album which is penned release via Nude Records in early 2019. Listen to ‘Peculiar Form Of Sleep’ below now:

The Family Knife – ‘Don’t Wanna Give Up’


The Family Knife are an indie/electronica outfit from Dublin and these siblings are the purveyors of hopeful tunes, tinged with sadness – an aesthetic set out rather beautifully on their self-titled debut LP.

The album is a collection of 12 organic and electronic driven tracks, influenced by everyone from Deerhunter and Yo La Tengo, to Stereolab and The Beta Band, and its lead single is album closer, ‘Don’t Wanna Give Up’. Slowly building from mellow origins, it introduces itself with a breezy jangle, deftly plucked strings and soft, semi-hushed vocals before the drums make a splash, joined in turn by a whispers of vocal samples and a full on synth-driven finish. A beautifully mournful and melancholic tune, like a November sun breaking through a dreary dusky sky.

You can listen to ‘Don’t Wanna Give Up’ below – and if that is floating your boat, the album is available to stream here.

Oli Hannaford – ‘Clarity’


Oli Hannaford is an East-London based singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, who appears to have a real knack in the way of captivating, soulful, electronic alt-pop.

Lifted from his forthcoming debut EP, ‘Clarity’ sets out this stall in remarkable fashion. A smooth and polished piano led stroll through slick, textured production, flickering synths and flecks of electronics. Amid the undeniably infectious groove and otherwise pristine and sparkling production however, a sense that all is not right bubbles away as an uneasy, melancholy atmosphere is created Hannaford’s unsettled lyrics and mournful vocals. The juxtaposition of light and dark moods is one that works a treat, remarkably well in fact. A compelling listen that is both smooth and emotionally complex.

Listen to ‘Clarity’ below:


Ten Fé – ‘Not Tonight’


Ten Fé have been busing themselves in the studio working on a follow-up to their 2017 debut album Hit The Light.

The London-based outfit have shared new single ‘Not Tonight’, affording us a first glimpse at how the new record is shaping up. While now a fully-fledged five-piece outfit with Rob Shipley (bass); Johnny Drain (Keys) and Alex Hammond (drums) coming on-board full-time last year, the chemistry between songwriters Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan – evident throughout their debut – continues to shine bright in this latest offering. Lush, expansive and cinematic, their brand of ‘indie-music-to-dance to’ continues to blend Springsteen-esque guitar lines with uplifting, Screamadelica-era style vibes and all delivered through the band’s uplifting popcraft. Brooding tension ricochets off euphoric heights and heavenly vocal harmonies, while the production of long-time collaborator Luke Smith adds characteristic electronic flourishes and motorik groove. Living in a sonic world of their own, Ten Fé prove yet again to be masters of doing their own thing.

Sounds like that new record is shaping up very nicely indeed.

Listen to ‘Not Tonight’ below:

Niki Moss – ‘Soylent Green’

Niki Moss

Hailing from Portugal, Niki Moss is the musical guise of Miguel Vilhena, a multi-instrumentalist, producer, lead vocalist for the psych-rock band Savana and founder for the record label Pontiaq.

‘Soylent Green’ is the first single to surface from what will be Niki Moss’ debut album, penned for release later in 2018. Playful, off-kilter and uber-catchy, ‘Soylent Green’ grabs you from the off and never lets go. Fluid, melodic guitar lines duet with airy vocals come together to make for the perfect, enticing introduction. Joined then by irresistibly infectious spurts of synth riffs and keys, it gets its hooks in and doesn’t relent. ‘Soylent Green’ is three minutes of flashy, neon bright synth-pop, buoyed by an electric energy and filled with an irresistible aesthetic.

‘Soylent Green’ is the first single to surface from what will be Niki Moss’ debut album, penned for release later in 2018.

Super Extra Bonus Party Share ‘Purple Heart'; Announce Hometown Show


No question, Super Extra Bonus Party are well an truly back in business.

Having returned from a seven year hiatus late last year with scintillating single ‘Switzerland‘, the eclectic Newbridge six-piece are back with 2018’s first offering ‘Purple Heart’ – and it is focused, anthemic and damn near impossible to get out of your head. Gavin Elsted’s melancholic but hopeful vocals are set to an infectious background of cascading crystalline guitar lines, synths, metronomic drums and jolts of electronics. Never ones to let you down in the tunes department; ‘Purple Heart’ is chiming, wholly irresistible and elegant electronica.

And that’s not all. Super Extra Bonus Party have announced a special hometown show, Upstairs @ JRB’s, Newbridge on Saturday June 16, with special guests Ships, Phare & The Comstocks.

Tickets are priced €10/€14 & available here. That’s a hell of a good line-up and a hell of a good price too!

Get yourself acquainted with ‘Purple Heart’ below & the single is out now on 045 Recordings.

SEBP have plenty ore shows lined up in the coming months; at Body & Soul and Castlepalooza with more gigs to be announced

Cloud – ‘Wildfire’


Cloud is a Long Island-based project, revolving around chief songwriter Tyler Taormina.

Back in 2013, the US outfit released a well received debut album, Comfort Songs, on Audio Antihero – and five years on, they have teamed up with the same label for their second offering, Plays With Fire. Ahead of the new record, Cloud have shared lead single ‘Wildfire’ – taking us on a colourful adventurous journey through synth pop, psych folk, surf rock, krautrock and electronica. It’s an uplifting, glossy, dream-pop production, mixing its baggy beat with a soft, psychedelic wave of synths which gradually envelopes everything else. This psychedelic wall of sound – with vocal interjections that call to mind The Go! Team and Pinkunoizu – will suck in the most unwilling of ears. The melody lulls you in with a repetitive loop and washed out drums, before raining down a swirling vortex of hypnotic power. A melodious, hook heavy and irresistible confection of sound. Stunning!

‘Wildfire’ is the album’s lead single, which is accompanied by a music video directed by Taormina and an exclusive non-album b-side. You can check them out below now.