Introducing: I Fight Lions

Hailing from Llanberis in North Wales, you would be forgiven for expecting I Fight Lions to serve up a feast of quirky psychedelia influenced sounds, such is the dearth of that style in Wales.

Instead we find a high energy post-punk/indie band in I Fight Lions. Gravitating around the creative and songwriting abilities of Hywell Pitts, they are instilled with the youthful energy and lyricism of early Arctics Monkeys or Milburn, while vocals are delivered with a certain deadpan melody. It is hardly straight laced, the band definitely have their quirks, with plenty of tongue in cheek moments and clever lyrical witticisms. Most importantly they sound like they’re having fun and enjoying themselves along the way.

Their debut EP Splendid is both exhilarating and addictive, such is the energy you are left in no doubt that when transposed to live setting, it must be one hell of a show. 

While certainly not to everyone’s pallet, it is worth a few moments of your time. I Fight Lions’ debut EP Splendid is out now.

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