Gross Relations – ‘Gross Relations’


Gross Relations have impressed over the last 18 months or so, gracing us with a couple of quality singles and EPs. It’s fair to say news that the band released their debut LP back in October came as quite a surprise. It just slipped well and truly under the radar (well mine anyway!). 

Their self-titled debut sees a continuation of the Brooklyn band’s signature style set out in their preceding EP’s; lo-fi indie with thick chucks of beyond catchy pop melodies. The whole record, from start to finish, is bristling with energy, drenched in a sea of fuzz and catchy hooks. Slightly late to the party on this one, but hey, better late than never? A cracking album all end up!

You can download the whole album for free from bandamp now. What’s the world coming to when you get something as sweet as this for free?

Gross Relations – ‘Cut The Final Scene’

Brooklyn band Gross Relations have been lauded for their musical prowess on this blog many times.

The band are about to head into the studio and begin recording their debut album. To stave off the withdrawal symptoms they have released a brand new song called ‘Cut The Final Scene’. It retains their love for all things fuzzy, infectious and garage rock. Recorded in a real studio for the first time, production is improved and the sound pumped. It sounds a little different to their older stuff, in fact, it’s decidley quirky in that kind of Graham Coxon way.

Whatever the case, it is a super track and you can grab it below for free. I’m very excited to hear what they can cook up in the studio.

Download: Gross Relations – Cut The Final Scene

Gross Relations – ‘Come Clean’ EP

Brooklyn quartet Gross Relations‘ super garage rock jams have already come in for plenty of praise on the blog. Now they are set to release their (proper) debut EP on the recently launched ‘Raven Sings the Blues’ label.

From the opening riff of ‘Blame The Records’ things have been taken up a notch. The production improved and the sound pumped, they channel inspiration from a host of indie and punk stalwarts into their very own muddied sound through a haze of distorted vocals, guitar riffs, crashing drums and sing-a-long choruses. By far the catchiest of all, ‘When You Go Down’, even channels the ghost of The Stone Roses classic ‘Sally Cinnamon’ into distorted rock oblivion.

Gross Relations are relatively new, but the Brooklyn-based foursome appear to finding something of a groove for this niche. Infectious garage rock will always find a home here.

Their six-track Come Clean EP can be ordered from Insound.

Mp3: Gross Relations – When You Go Down [audio]

Gross Relations – Blame The Records

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Gross Relations – Today Tomorrow

Brooklyn band Gross Relations came in for some praise when they featured in one of the introducing slots on the blog a few weeks back.

The 4-piece have released another single, ‘Today Tomorrow’. It’s more feisty sing-a-long garage rock, if you liked previous releases you will love ‘Today Tomorrow’ and b-side ‘Taking Off’. These jams which elicit memories of Double Dagger, Surfer Blood, Pavement et al.

The more tunes to come from these guys the better!

You can spin the tunes below or grab them for FREE on bandcamp.

Download: Gross Relations – Today Tomorrow

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Introducing: Gross Relations


You won’t need this blog to tell you that we are currently in the throes of a lo-fi garage rock revival.

Over the past few years a plethora of fine bands have emerged willing to fly the ‘garage-rock’ flag. Forming under a year ago Brooklyn quartet Gross Relations are another to add to that burgeoning list.

This 4-piece kick out some serious jams which elicit memories of Double Dagger, Surfer Blood, Pavement et al. Yes this may be a road well-travelled but when something is done right it deserves praise. Gross Relations not only do it right but pack their own weighty punch – feisty sing-a-long garage rock with subtle hooks, an avalanche of distorted vocals, guitar riffs, crashing cymbals and keys to boot. What you’re left with is a catchy and infectious brand of lo-fi indie, always welcome around these parts. 

You can spin the tunes below plus grab a couple of their EPs for FREE on bandcamp too.

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Mp3: Gross Relations – Blame The Records

Mp3: Gross Relations – Don’t Beat On Me

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