BarryGruff’s July 2015 playlist


A now regular monthly feature, whereby we round up all the blog action with a nice, neat and handy playlist of tracks featured during the month.

July was pretty ace! We had new tunes from The School, The Stammer and DRINKS ahead of their respective, forthcoming new albums, and the return of WE//ARE//ANIMAL. There were excellent new singles from Neon Wolf, Galants, Lethal Dialect, Manor, Kelly Lee Owens, The Expert, Glass Sines and Koloto.

Also featured on this month’s playlist are great tracks from Bedbugs, Effin, Gwenno, Trails and Ways, Open Window and Joan. So, July was pretty good. And that’s all before mentioning that Justin Beats gave Jamie xx’s new record In Colour, the once over, Johnny Feeney reported from Knockanstockan and we had a chat with Trails and Ways. And the small matter of my albums of the year so far list.

Listen to BarryGruff’s July 2015 playlist below.

Glass Sines – ‘Connected’


Brighton four-piece Glass Sines – Tom Payne, Ian Upfold, Kate Payne and Sam Doctors – make indie music to dance to, music with beats, rolling synths, slick guitars and the intricacy of the classical violinist’s touch.

Initially formed by two previous work colleagues, Tom and Ian before adding Tom’s sister Kate on violin and old school mate Sam, to complete the line up on guitar. The foursome have unveiled their debut single ‘Connected’, and it’s quite something. Upbeat, infectious and groovy, ‘Connected’ encapsulates the very fabric of indie-music-to-dance-to. Pulsing with late ’80s/early ’90s dance vibe, coupled with wailing guitar on top of an enduring rhythm, it feels vital, vibrant and an extremely impressive first bow. With a second single waiting in the wings, and lined up for release after summer, there’s no better time to get ‘connected’ with Glass Sines.

The self-released ‘Connected’ will be out on August 24th. You can stream it and it’s video below and will be available to purchase from their website, come August 24th.