BarryGruff Presents: Trap Door, Knoxville Morning & Ginola :: Friday :: June 8th :: The Workman’s Club :: Dublin

The ‘BarryGruff Presents’ shows in Newbridge have been great and long may they continue! I’m absolutely thrilled that ‘BarryGruff Presents’ will be hitting the capital for the first time this Friday (June 8th) in The Workman’s Club.

We’ve got three top bands on the bill; Trap Door, Knoxville Morning & Ginola, followed by Gav (We Are Losers/ADULTROCK) spinning some tunes till the early hours. I really hope to some of you on Friday, it’s going to be a cracking night and best of all it is FREE in. 

Admission Free/Doors 8pm & The Facebook Event Page is here. Here’s a few words on each of the bands. 

Trap Door

Dublin trio Trap Door combine a rich mix of punk, folk, ska and hip-hop with insightful flowing and streetwise lyrics. In a similar approach of one Jamie T, Trap Door take the listener rumbustious rattle through urban life, something borne out on their excellent debut EP, Lata Town. With songs of lyrical depth, plenty of youthful lairiness and rebelliousness; Trap Door are a band to contend with.

Trap Door – Lata Town

Knoxville Morning

Knoxville Morning began life as a side-project of Band on an Island’s Ciaran Dwyer, before in time, growing into something far bigger. Joined by fellow BOAI members, Stefan Murphy, Gavin Elsted, Brian Gallagher, Claire Prendergast, Stephen Fahey and Laura Caffrey, they have created an inviting blend of folk, country and Americana, with an Irish twist. Knoxville Morings’ self titled debut will be released on this summer.

Knoxville Morning – Baseball Song (w/ Claire Prendergast)


Like your music loud? Then look no further than Ginola. This ragged Dublin punk trio have hardly put a foot wrong over the past twelve months, impressing with a number of singles, split releases and numerous scintillating live shows. Their forte is loud highly charged punk-rock with hopping basslines and battering drums.

Ginola – Thruster

Ginola – Way Harsh EP

The ever impressive Dublin punk three-piece Ginola have returned with a brand new EP, Way Harsh.

The EP is another highly charged hardcore punk affair, what this trio do best and they know what they’re doing. Barely stretching to 10 minutes they waste absolutely no time in battering your consciousness with a barrage of unadulterated noise. As bizarre as it might sound, Ginola have managed to eek out even more noise and a harsher sound than before.

Check out the video for ’14 Hormonal Years’ too, a strange juxtaposition between a nice day out at the zoo and their destructive sound. You can download Way Harsh from Quarter Inch Collective here (name your price).

You forgot a username for the YouTube shortcode

Ginola – 14 Hormonal Years

Ginola – Pen & Paper Job

Ginola & Turning Down Sex Split Cassette

I had intended posting this last week but the death of my modem put an end to that, unsurprisingly it’s quite difficult to keep a blog going with out an internet connection. I popped along to the launch of  It’s A Disagreeable Thing To Be Whipped upstairs in Whelan’s on Saturday night and it didn’t disappoint. Ginola deserve particular praise for what was a scintillating performance, it’s always a plus when a band you’ve been looking out for don’t let you down. Enough chatter, here’s the piece meant for last week, hopefully the blog will be firing on all cylinders soon.  

Ginola and Turning Down Sex have joined forces with Quarter Inch Collective for a new split cassette, It’s A Disagreeable Thing To Be Whipped. The split release is a loud and noisy 25 minute fusion of punk and hardcore. 

We met Ginola last year with double a-side You Never Met Someone Like Me. This time they weigh in with a further seven tracks of feisty shout-a-long garage punk, think Double Dagger meets Zero Boys. Meanwhile Turning Down Sex deliver six tracks of highly charged hardcore punk, all of which are new to me.

The Quarter Inch Collective has been a great addition to Irish music. Since I took up this blogging malarkey they have outdone themselves with a number of quality releases including the superb Quompilation #1. Fear not, this release is of an equally high standard and has had me captivated the past week and driven the neighbors demented no doubt.

There’s a few tasters below, you can stream It’s A Disagreeable Thing To Be Whipped in full over on the Quarter Inch Collective siteIt is limited to 100 copies on cassette but can be downloaded via bandcamp too.

Ginola – Dark & Handsome Ginola – Thruster

 Turning Down Sex – Come And Get Your Dinner, Simon Bird

 Turning Down Sex – What In The World Is Your Blood