Jouska – ‘Glitter Chaser’


Jouska is the Oslo-based musical duo consisting of Marit Othilie Thorvik and Hans Olav Settem.

To date the pair have impressed with an intriguing and inventive array of singles and debut EP Frog Fiction, as they explore some of the more leftfield, out-there reaches of electronica. Brand new single ‘Glitter Chaser’ takes on a similarly stellar expedition to the realms of their imagination. Tempered by an airy/spacey atmosphere ‘Glitter Chaser’ sets forth in a sea of kaleidoscopic colour, brimming with divine harmonies and packed with crunchy beats and groovy synths which coalesce to create a super smooth, playful yet dreamy piece of cosmic electronica. Amid the alluring dreamy soundscape a final touch of bewitching beauty is provided by the heavenly vocals.

Jouska’s music is refreshingly inventive and exploratory, qualities marked out by both this and their aforementioned previous EP.

Listen to ‘Glitter Chaser’ below now – and you can tune into their debut EP Frog Fiction right here.

O Future – ‘Smell You’


O Future consists of Katherine Mills Rymer from South Africa and Jens Bjornkjaer originally from Denmark both now living in Los Angeles.

Working under the previous moniker of OOFJ, the synth-pop pairing released two albums, but ‘Smell You’ marks the latest in a string of singles under their new handle. Together, the pair create colourful, imaginative and ethereal electronica that will get firmly lodged in your head, as evidenced by latest single. ‘Smell You’ draws you in with a deep magnetic rumble and disco-esque percussion as Bjornkjaer’s illuminating production dances with Rymer’s heavenly harmonies. Undeniably dreamy but energetic, lush strings a la ’60s James Bond movie scores emerge to add a final alluring touch of cinematic class and sweeping grandeur. A stunning and seductive single.

Tune into ‘Smell You’ below:

Safetalk – ‘Static’


Anglo-French trio Safetalk – comprised of two Parisian producers Hugues Tonnet and Thomas Desnoyers and Berlin-based British vocalist, David Harks – have released a stellar new single ‘Static’.

It is the title track from their debut EP which collates previous singles, ‘Universal’, ‘Gold of the Highest’ and ‘Mimic’ into a nice, neat package of cosmic electronic-pop. Brooding gloom-pop with murky electronic production, ‘Static’ is a hypnotic fusion of pulsating electronic rhythms, radiant synths and tender vocals combining to create interstellar psych-electronic music brimming with an abundance of heart and soul. The continental trio have delivered yet another compelling and transfixing electronic excursion that will leave an indelible mark on ones soul.

Listen to ‘Static’ below and Safetalk’s EP shall be with us in mid-November.

Vanity Fairy – ‘He Can Be Your Lady’


The cleverly named Vanity Fairy – a new project from Daisy Capri – has shared debut single ‘He Can Be Your Lady’, the first offering from Capri’s Lust For Dust EP out later in the year.

Co-produced alongside collaborators Sammy Yamaha and Simon Byrt, ‘He Can Be Your Lady’ ushers us into an offbeat exploration of imaginative, off-kilter sounds. A wonky, weird and wonderfully otherworldly slice of enticing electronica, fueled by a disco groove and gurgling synth, ‘He Can Be Your Lady’ drifts in and out of a space that recalls everyone from early Kate Bush to Hot Chip, Bat For Lashes or Metronomy. Of course, for all the eccentric tendencies, it’s also remarkably catchy and Capri’s smooth, trembling vocals are stunning.

The Vanity Fairy debut EP Lust For Dust will be out before the close of 2018, for now, get yourself acquainted with ‘He Can Be Your Lady’ below. Tune in now.

Mayfly – ‘Breathe’


London’s Mayfly conjures up deceptively sad magical electronic pop songs that captivate and transfix.

Debut track ‘Losing You’ was a breathtaking introduction to Mayfly’s abilities and returning with her stunning new single ‘Breathe’, confirms it was not a one off. Written, produced and performed by Mayfly, ‘Breathe’ moves cautiously forward, quivering along a minimalist melodic synth-line before unearthing a powerful inner strength summoning a rising tide of choppy synths and soaring textures, before steadily returning to a sea of calm. As dramatic and compelling as the music is, it is the space afforded in between which seals the deal and allowing for the stupendous vocals to breathe to mesmerise. Written in an attempt to portray the experience of living with anxiety and panic attacks on a daily basis, and finally overcoming them – it certainly does that and more.

An absolutely stunning and absorbing piece of electronic pop. Take a listen for yourself below.

Accü – ‘Crash To Kill’


Cardiff-based artist Accü aka Angharad Van Rijswijk will be releasing her long awaited and much anticipated debut album Echo The Red at the end of October.

With Accü’s debut on the horizon, she has shared ‘Crash To Kill’, the third single lifted from the record, out October 19. It is a gentle whirl of beautiful imaginative ideas and colourful, kaleidoscopic sounds bound together in hypnotic majesty. It’s an eccentric Technicolor pop adventure of playfully experimental arrangements and sounds. Waltzing along a steady beat and playful synth, an off-kilter, peculiar ambiance is joined by an undercurrent of mildly ominous tones. Van Rijswijk’s haunting voice slinks its way through ‘Crash To Kill’, which fizzes and flickers with light as a peppering of frayed, frazzled electronics emerge from the swirling atmospherics. ‘Crash To Kill’ is supreme electronic pop, and one that manages to display a fun, playful side while at the same time captivating your attention completely.

Listen to ‘Crash To Kill’ below – and keep an eye out for debut album Echo The Red at the end of October.

TV ME – ‘Circuit’


TV ME is a one-man creative/musical art project of Merseyside native Thomas McConnell, creating a cosmic confection of vibrant electro-pop.

TV ME’s latest single ‘Circuit’ – out via Newcastle indie label Kaleidoscope – is electro-pop perfection personified, illustrating what the project is all about. Fizzing with electricity, ‘Circuit’ shifts along a playful giddy, bouncy beat, navigating our way through a hypnotic adventure through synth pop, psych and electronica. It is an imaginative sensory overload of proggy tones, waves of psychedelic sounds, frazzled electronics and swirling synths which coalesce before gradually enveloping everything else in its wake. A spectacular sojourn on a spellbinding, interstellar and off-kilter excursion. Magnificent.

Listen to ‘Circuit’ below:

Jo Marches – ‘Monsters’


Jo Marches – an Utrecht outfit fronted by the inimitable Johanneke Kranendonk – specialise in heady brew of psych-infused swirling synth-pop, sophisticated pop sensibilities and infectious melodies.

New single ‘Monsters’ is absolutely no exception. Lifted from their forthcoming new EP, Day In Day Out, released on October 26 2018, ‘Monsters’ is exquisite. Ushered onward by a pulsating rhythm section, as giddy stabs of synth punctuate the woozy sea of flickering, shimmering atmosphere, it makes for a magical wavy, entrancing psych-infused synth-pop. The aura of instrumental enchantment is the perfect pairing for Kranendonk’s voice cooing harmoniously over the captivating, layers of sound collage. All in all, an elegant, exquisite and entrancing piece of psych-infused synth-pop; magnificent!

‘Monster’ will take its place on a new EP which is due out in October, and its political tones will sit proudly alongside the other tracks’ topics of feminism and mental illness.

For the time being, get yourself acquainted with ‘Monster’ – if it is anything to go by, the EP promises a lot.

Introducing: Kettleflower


Kettleflower is a collaboration between producer-engineer Mike Purcell and singer-songwriter Patrick Rickelton. Together, the Nashville duo craft guitars-meet-synth indie/alternative sound and last year, they released their debut EP Warning Bells.

Following up that EP is new single ‘Now We Acquiesce’, the pair’s first outing in 2018. A soft, melodic indie/synthpop adventure accompanied by an enchanting blend of shimmering synths, flourishes of electronics and a hushed vocal. At points both melancholic and hopeful, it conveys a sense of strength in fragility and imbued with an understated burning possitivity. A magnificent, shimmering indie-electronic delight. The pair have followed it with ‘Dreaming’; a heavenly blend of tranquil, hazy atmospherics. It is simply beautiful and at the hazard of stating the obvious, it glides elegantly by with a beguiling, dreamlike aura.

You’ll be all the better for letting this pair into you life, guaranteed!

Listen to ‘Now We Acquiesce’ and ‘Dreaming’ below; the latter is available free for a limited time from bandcamp.

Superheart – ‘After Midnight’


UK-based musician and producer Luke Batt aka Superheart introduced himself toward the end of last year with debut single ‘Count On Me’; a lovely, comforting and dreamy, electronic synthpop jam.

Batt has opened his account for 2018 with equally divine follow-up single ‘After Midnight’. A lush and loved-up cut of dreamy electro-pop that radiates a sentimental energy that is impossible to ignore. Across three-and-a-half minutes of delicate, soft vocals over mildly tropical downtempo instrumentation, all bound together by an inescapable romanticism that will leave you with goosebumps, and make an indelible mark on your soul.

Stick ‘After Midnight’ on and fall in love. You will never want it to end.