Drens – ‘Yellow Teeth’


Dortmund/Cologne fuzz loving garage rock / surf punk foursome Drens are back with their new single ‘Yellow Teeth’.

‘Yellow Teeth’ is the German outfits third release of the year following debut single ‘Wilhelm Be Gone’ and ‘No’. It is rough-and-ragged rambunctious ramble through a whirlwind of pent up aggression and anger meted out through wave after wave of fuzzed up relentless riffs, rumbling basslines, crunching guitars and crashing cymbals. ‘Yellow Teeth’ is much less of a lively, infectious and fun tune that its predecessor ‘No’ was but from every rumbling note and lung-bursting screech, their music proves ever more captivating and palatable, as it howls harmonically as the sheer thrashing nature rings through.

Listen to ‘Yellow Teeth’ below:

Drens – ‘No’


Drens are a fuzz loving garage rock / surf punk foursome from Dortmund/Cologne, Germany.

Their debut ‘Wilhelm Be Gone’ was released in January of this year and has been quickly followed by the brand new single, ‘No’. A freewheeling frenzy of energetic surfy punk-tinged indie, ‘No’ packs a hell of punch. Unleashing itself with all the energy of a coiled-up spring, wave after wave of hi-octane racy riffs, spiky guitars, snappy drums and rumbling basslines coalesce with equally springy (Zebedee-esque) vocals for a whirlwind salvo of raucous vitality. A lively, infectious and fun tune, it is a bona fide two-and-a-half minutes of punky indie gold (and the video is pretty nifty too).

Listen to ‘No’ and its predecessor ‘Wilhelm Be Gone’ below: