Beffect – ‘MKY’


Beffect aka Enrico Bartoli is an Italian producer, DJ and bass guitarist from Modena, Italy.

Beffect’s sound is a stylish, seamless fusion of earthy organic sounds with analog synths creating beautiful modern downtempo music.

Since releasing his debut EP Consequences in 2016, the Italian producer has busied himself with live shows and a series of collaborative projects, but he has kicked off 2019 with a new EP Sounds Of Your Journey, and fronted by lead single ‘MKY’. With ‘MKY’, it is a track that draws its strength from creating an interesting contrast; the juxtaposition between the aggressive synths and airy warm astral qualities. Bouncing along with the pulsing energy of the synthline, it gradually evolves from the barest rhythmic sketch embellished with a few ambient sounds drifting into an swarm of elegant, warm and melodic affair – and one that becomes more compelling with repeated visits.

Listen to ‘MKY’ below now – and if that is to your liking, check out the new EP, Sounds Of Your Journey, here.