Attaque – When Light Falls

Attaque‘s progress over the past nine months has been followed tentatively on here, with the young producer proving he was certainly no novice.

His debut album, When Light Falls, comprises of ten heads-down, brain-crumpling kinetic electro powerhouses, yet there is a real fluidity to the album. Carefully planned and co-ordinated to perfection it manages to build the mood and pace gradually, step-by-step, from one to the next.

A colossus of energy and intensity runs wildly throughout this aural assault of direct, driven and rattling  floor filling techno. From the dark atmospherics of ‘Don’t Stop’, ‘Signals’ and ‘Shine’ to far more aggressive an intense blasts of minimal blips and beeps that clambers all over the bassline crisp, seductive ‘False’, ‘The End’ – this will have have dancefoors gyrating with verve and vigor.

It has been coined ‘Future Techno’ and while this blend of electro and techno is not something you will want to hear 24/7, experienced in the right context, this is an almighty statement of intent and really is quite stunning.

Download: Attaque – When Light Falls

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Full album stream here