Gruff Rhys – ‘No Profit In Pain’


Hot on the heels of his wonderful new album Babelsberg, Gruff Rhys has shared a new song, ‘No Profit in Pain’.

The track was written for the National Theatre Wales’ NHS70 festival, which is celebrating the National Health Service’s 70th birthday, and all proceeds will go to NHS charities in Wales. It is an ode to the National Health Service on its 70th birthday, defiantly focused on the battle to keep the service in public ownership amid encroaching privatisation – a death knell for the NHS – as profiteers and privateers circle hoping for a vultures picnic. While lyrically defiant, musically is a beautiful, reflective, hazy and whimsical affair, brought to you through the psychedelic eyes of Cardiff’s most innovative musical sons. Bobbing along with soft drums, sparkling synths, rich production and his soothing vocals, it is a rather beautiful and heartfelt ode to the NHS and nod of respect to its staff, for what they do on a daily basis.

Check ‘No Profit in Pain’ below. Buy here:

Gruff will bring his tour to Ireland this December with the following shows:

Sat December 01 2018 – CORK St Lukes
Sun December 02 2018 – GALWAY Roisin Dubh
Mon December 03 2018 – DUBLIN Button Factory

Introducing: CHROMA


CHROMA are a ferrous alt-rock trio – Katie Hall, Liam Bevan & Zac Mather – from Pontypridd in South Wales.

Welsh trio are a formidable force of nature and self-evidently brilliant guitar band, and led by the charismatic Katie Hall, they have a MASSIVE sound.

As far as an introduction to CHROMA, in a little over three-minutes, single ‘Vampires’ offers that in the best possible way. All scintillating riffs, high-energy, hammering percussion and bass line that pounds incessantly as Hall’s stunning vocals enter the fray, rendering everything else secondary. ‘Datod’ meanwhile, offers another side to CHROMA. Sung in Welsh, it opens quietly, introducing itself with gently a strummed guitar as Hall’s earth-shattering vocals front and centre. It slowly builds, shifting though the gears towards a muscular, cathartic climax that brings the house down around us. The juxtaposition between darkness and light, softness and harsh, is where ‘Datod’ power is sourced, that and the incredibly powerful, searing vocals – as per usual.

Two dizzying displays of what makes CHROMA a very, very exciting proposition indeed. Check ’em below.


CHROMA are also one of twelve acts selected from across Wales for Horizons 2018, so you will be hearing plenty more from them over the next 12 months.

The Nova Darlings – ‘I Like Crashing My Car (Into Yours)’


Hailing from Los Angeles, The Nova Darlings are a garage rock foursome who’ve got a penchant for laid-back, lo-fi, 90s inspired garage-tinged indie.

Latest single ‘I Like Crashing My Car (Into Yours)’ delivers all that and more. Their soothing, sun-kissed sounds wash over you with such an ease but as riffs meander amid a mild layer of warm fuzz, there is an overwhelming sense of melancholy and loss. The latter qualities are rendered by the emotional weight of Mackin Carroll’s heart wrenching vocals, which spurs ‘I Like Crashing My Car (Into Yours)’ toward an impassioned, rousing climax before returning to its former vulnerable self. Whilst it does bring mellow, hazy vibes and summery tones, it is the contrast between this brightness and the darker contours of vulnerability and melancholy.

The Nova Darlings have an album to follow shortly but for now, listen to ‘I Like Crashing My Car (Into Yours)’ below.

The Ambient Light – ‘Feelin Kinda Lost (Feat. Pure Mids)’


The Ambient Light is a dreamy psych-pop project hailing from California; who impress with recently-released new single ‘Feelin Kinda Lost’, featuring Pure Mids.

Per the project, ‘Feelin Kinda Lost’, captures the aesthetic perfectly; gentle, laid-back and calming sounds marry summery guitar grooves, effortless melodiousness and gently undulating, atmospheric effects. It is three-and-a-half-minutes of dream inducing, melting instrumentation, exploring through an elegant sound of frazzled electronica, twinkling synth, bubbling basslines. This majestic combination is filtered through a haze of dreamy textures and layers of mild fuzz and topped off with hushed, whispering vocals. Playful but sincere, vulnerable yet confident and simplistic yet stylish; it is catchy as, and will have you reaching for repeated plays.

Listen to ‘Feelin Kinda Lost’ (Feat. Pure Mids) below and begin to drift away….

77:78 – ‘Chilli’


As card-carrying members of the kaleidoscopic musical maestros The Bees, Aaron Fletcher and Tim Parkin served some of the most magical, downright brilliant musical moments of the last decade.

The Isle of Wight pair introduced their new project 77:78 with radiant, jaunty and joyously infectious cut of soulful psych-pop ‘Love Said (Let’s Go)’. Their debut album, Jellies, is due out July 6 via Heavenly and with that date fast approaching, 77:78 have released new single ‘Chilli’. Embracing a desire to be a double-denim clad 70’s dirty ol’ roadhouse blues band, ‘Chilli’ is another musical ray of sunshine with a similarly bouncy, pep to its step. It swaggers, bops and cavorts on its merry way, aided and abetted by blasts of brass and organ as it grooves along, building and building toward a spectacular climax.

Jellies is out via Heavenly Recordings on July 6th – to get in the groove, check ‘Chilli’ below.