Eyal Pik – ‘Day by Day’


‘Day by Day’ is debut single from Eyal Pik, a London based singer/songwriter, who is priming the public for his fleeting forary into the world of music with forthcoming EP, Nothing but Sound.

As an opening introduction, one couldn’t ask for finer. ‘Day by Day’ is a three-and-a-half minute divine, colourful confection of jangly, melodic and infectious psych-pop perfection. It danders along at a cantering carefree pace, imbued with a shimmering, sunny disposition and heartfelt vocals – which when they shift through the gears and soar, well, oh my. A delectable slice of heart-strung and buoyant indie/alternative indebted greatest to Blur perhaps, conjuring up similar feelings to ‘Coffee and TV’ (and Seazoo’s ‘Dig’). A joy, no question about it.

You can check out ‘Day by Day’ below, along with its visual companion, crafted by Ron Davny and starring Pik and award winning actress/director Lana MacIver.

Los Espinas – ‘Feels Like a Punch In The Face…’


Although their handle may might suggest a likeness to a seven piece mariachi band from Latin America, Los Espinas are a fearsome foursome based in Sydney, Australia.

With influences including artists like Elliott Smith, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and Something for Kate, Los Espinas could be described as indie with a thirst for alternative garage rock. Los Espinas’ latest single ‘Feels Like a Punch In The Face…’ is straight-up rock and roll goodness that rides on a soaring vitality of a gripping grunge-tinged vocal delivery, meaty riffs and crunchy guitars; all charging toward a captivating climax of that is simultaneously muscular yet emotionally sincere. What Los Espinas do a steady trade in is suavely served alt-rock, tinged with garage, psychedelics and a knack for a catchy tune. And you know what? What more can you ask for?

You can listen to ‘Feels Like a Punch In The Face…’ below – it’s a beaut! And if that is to your liking, why not give their new EP a blast – it’s here, in all it’s glory.

Incoming: A Quick Chat With Silverbacks


Ireland's best 5-aside football team

Ireland’s best 5-aside football team

Silverbacks will be bringing their show to BRÚ House, Newbridge on Friday, December 1 – coinciding with the release of their latest single ‘Just for a Better View’.

This is the second in a series of collaborative shows between Broken Home & I, as we aim to bring some of our favourite musicians and artist to Newbridge – of which Silverbacks fits the bill for both of us.

Silverbacks have already eked out a solid rep for themselves when it comes to whipping up lashings of ’90s inspired lo-fi fuzz, a string of top class releases has ensured that.

Their slanted ’90s Pavement inspired sounds mix it up with the post-punk tones of Television and a touch of Talking Heads. Much like a Spring day, tunes like ‘Techno Dogs’, ‘Dirty Money’ and latest single ‘Just for a Better View’ are simultaneously gloomy and sun-kissed – in  LCD-meets-The Strokes kind of a way. I digress. The long and the short of it is that Silverbacks are one of the finest bands operating on these shores and in my humble opinion, one of Ireland’s best kept secrets.

Silverbacks join Oh Boland and Luke Redmond in BRÚ House, Newbridge this Friday, December 1, for what is a rather formidable lineup – Doors @ 9pm | Tickets €5/€7.

Ahead of the weekend’s show I caught up with Dan from Silverbacks, to shoot the shit.

Tell us a little bit about Silverbacks. How did it come about? And what is the essence/inspiration behind it?

Silverbacks started off as just Kilian and myself. We’ve been writing and recording demos for years and the end goal was always to eventually form a band and play them live.

Emma is on bass and has been playing with us for about four years now.

Last year Gary joined us on drums and Peadar on a guitar. This is the best live band we’ve had and as a result we’ve recently decided to take things a little more seriously.

In your opinion, what are the greatest challenges as an upcoming band in Ireland?

One obstacle is definitely that Ireland is an island. It makes playing gigs abroad trickier and more expensive, especially when you’re doing things yourself. It’d be nice if there were residencies for bands too.

Has growing up in Belgium had much influence on your musical output?

I don’t think so, well not yet anyway. Most of our influences are mainly American bands for the moment. But that could always change. In terms of the influence on my taste, I do have a soft spot for Jacques Brel and Kilian learned a good few Django Reinhardt chords and solos growing up.

One of my favourite songs is actually by a Belgian band called Deus, they were at their prime in the 90s. The song is called ‘Instant Street’ and my dad put it on a compilation tape for the car years ago . There’s a moment where Tom Barman (the singer) says the word ‘motherfucking’ and anytime my mother heard it she’d give out about the unnecessary rude language. My Dad would agree. Silverbacks have yet to use language that is deemed explicit in our songs so maybe there’s one obscure Belgian influence from my childhood.

What can we expect from a Silverbacks show?

Four friendly faces and Peadar.

Can you you tell us a bit about the Silverbacks artwork, and the artist involved?

It’s done by a good friend of ours who was in the same class as Kilian growing up and lived just down the road. He’s done all the artwork for Silverbacks over the last few years. We’re big fans of his work and we all feel the artwork he does for the band is a big part of Silverbacks.

You can check out his stuff here.

What are you listening to at the moment?

At this very moment I’m listening to the ‘Worst Case Scenario’ album by Deus.

One of my favourite bands currently is Happyness. I saw them play Whelans earlier this year and they were excellent. I’ve been revisiting some of the Sparklehorse albums too.

What are your plans for the rest of 2017 and 2018? Can we expect a new record soon?

We recently digitally released ‘Just for A Better View’. That’s the first song we didn’t record or mix ourselves. Stephen from Lamplight Studios had us around and we’re really happy with the results. We plan to record one more song at Lamplight before the end of the year.

For 2018 we’re hoping to start playing shows on a more regular basis. An album would be nice too but who knows, we’re currently sitting on a lot of demos.

And lastly, in all the interviews you’ve done is there anything you’re eager to chat about but no one ever asks you?

Not really Barry, we probably haven’t done enough interviews.

Silver Liz – ‘Hazy Daisy’


Silver Liz are Chicago-based husband-wife duo of Carrie and Matt Wagner who delight, excite and enthral with their shoegaze-meets-dream-pop sound.

We were introduced to their dreamy allure with single ‘Him’ a few months back. The pair are back with another gem ‘Hazy Daisy’, the latest single lifted from their recently released, tantalising debut LP. The single is a sonic symphony of blissed-out – yet simultaneously piercing – all enveloping spacey and shoegazey atmospherics and dreamy soundscapes. Amid the squall of noise, Carrie Wagner’s honeyed cooing is majestic and blissful, striding beautifully upon an undulating sea of fuzz, distortion and whirring guitars, off-kilter twang, and crashing percussion; percussion that comes at you like waves smashing on coastal rocks. Silver Liz have an innate ability, it would seem, to eek out a sweet spot between beauty and unrelenting noise – with style, swish and sheer volume.

For now you can check out ‘Hazy Daisy’ below & if that is to your liking, why not check out their debut LP, I Can Feel The Weight? – listen to it here.

Paracutá – ‘We Are’

Album Art

Paracutá are New York City trio Caroline Feldmeier (Vocals, Guitar), Ernesto Lúcar (Vocals, Guitar) & Sean Vinci (Vocals, Drums), whose sound comes from a fusion of Americana, Indie, Power Pop and Post-Punk.

Bring these influences together in one unified sound, the trio’s enviable aim is to distill a sound and a feeling comparable to the adolescent experience of finding that new album you completely wore out listening in your bedroom. Their latest single ‘We Are’ certainly evokes similar emotions and embodies their mission. It is a melodic and swooning cut of americana-tinged indie buoyed with heart swelling melodies. Aided and abetted by a warm organ hum, everything is coated in a mild, warm layer of fuzz and interspersed with buzzing riffs and burrowing basslines which creates the most natural (and finest) environment for tender, open and intimate vocals to win what’s left of your heart over.

You can sample the delights of Paracutá below, with their sublime new single ‘We Are’.