BILK – ‘Slob’


BILK are young Essex trio of Sol Abrahams (vocals/guitar), Luke Hare (bass), and James Holland (drums) who’s preference is an angsty blend of indie, rap and punk; and a fondness for Fred Perry and Adidas.

Their latest single ‘Slob’ is an absolute riot; it is frenetic, feisty, energetic, raw and anthemic.
Crunching, raw guitars and buzz-saw riffs meet furious fast-paced drums to drive the energy forward, providing fuel for the volatile, semi-rapped streetwise lyrics that are brash, mouthy and tongue-in-cheek.Talking themes of youth, unemployment and drugs the trio present a firm middle finger to the people who looked down on them as dosers for choosing music. This is an apologetically raw and lippy indie-punk sound.

Tune into the sound from the suburbs, ‘Slob’ below:

BDRMM – ‘C.U.’


BDRMM are a Hull based 5-piece who explore the worlds of ‘90s indie-rock, shoegaze, psychedelic-rock and slacker dream pop – demonstrated to perfection with latest single ‘C.U.’.

Armed with the combined power of burning guitars, bubbling basslines and crashing drums, they craft a compelling sulky rock sound that is full of youthful yearning and glistening guitar lines. Amid dreamy synths, gauzy guitars, and heart-filled harmonies, ‘C.U.’ unravels gradually, channelling a cocktail of hurt and numbing anxieties into a sprawling epic of burning guitars and synth-soaked and lethargic vocals splattered with melancholy – for a mesmerizing four-and-a-half minutes that whooshes by with an electrifying, sonic alchemy.

Tune into ‘C.U.’ below:

Rock Eupora – ‘People In My Head’


Rock Europa is the alias of Nashville-via-Mississippi fuzz pop lover Clayton Waller, who’s sound is bound by a love of – and an ability to produce – timeless and infectious pop songs, with a fair share of “oohs” and “ahhs” thrown in for good measure.

Taken from his self-titled album, latest single ‘People In My Head’ delivers this fast-paced and action packed rock-n-roll experience with a seductive power-pop hook. It is a hyperactive mesh of lively pumped up punk and garage riffs, snappy beats, wonky psych-tones and utterly contagious fuzz-filled adventure. While it is at times comical and tongue-in-cheek, it is a hyper-active punky, power-pop two-fingers to those mocking of a career in music. The allure of ‘People In My Head’ is seductive as hell, it will have you reaching for repeated plays, over and over, and over and over again.

Try it below, see if you can resist…..

Perfect Body – ‘Fields’


Formed in Cardiff in 2017, Perfect Body take their cue from the sonic experimentation of bands like My Bloody Valentine, Stereolab, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Having established a name for themselves locally, the Welsh five-piece have joined up with the much renowned Bubblewrap Collective to release a split EP along with Zac White. Perfect Body’s inclusion is ‘Fields'; a dreamy, glacial shoegazy effort that rustles with the ghosts of their aforementioned influences and woozy 60s psych. ‘Fields’ is characterised by managing to be a number of things simultaneously; it’s noisy, psychedelic guitar is both that and elegant. It is ethereal yet muscular and amid the icy, crisp glacial tones there is warmth from the slowburing guitars and wall of sound. Combining to create a wall of noise, it is funnelled through a hazing mix of fuzz and distortion which doesn’t obscure the delightful pop core, and allure of the single.

Tune into ‘Fields’ below:

Interbellum – ‘Ink’


Interbellum is the musical project of Lebanese singer-songwriter Karl Mattar, aka Charlie Rayne. Formed in 2015, the project sees him teaming up with multi-instrumentalist and producer Fadi Tabbal and other musicians from Beirut.

Interbellum’s sound is formed from a blend of several familiar elements which at times brings to mind Bob Dylan, Youth Lagoon or Beach House to name but a few, yet it, and it’s appeal, remain very much their own distinct identity. ‘Ink’ is the lead single single lifted from Interbellum’s new album Dead Pets, Old Griefs and it captures this aesthetic perfectly. Opening with a childlike lullaby, it comes in slow, waltzing along a near clockwork rhythm as the swooning emotional swell, underlying melancholy and the whimsical lyrics pull at the heartstrings amid their twinkling surroundings and warm, glowing, organ hum. ‘Ink’ is an irresistibly dreamy, warm and inviting companion filled with a heart-swelling sentiment and all configured in the catchiest arrangement possible.

You can listen to ‘Ink’ below and if you find it to your liking, the new album Dead Pets, Old Griefs can be found here.

Paul Smith – ‘Around and Around’


Maxïmo Park’s Paul Smith released his latest solo record called Diagrams on Friday last (October 26) and with that, he has shared ‘Around and Around’.

‘Around and Around’ is the second single lifted from the forthcoming record, following the grunge-tinged ‘Silver Rabbit’, and it wanders a softer path. On the surface ‘Around and Around’ is a seemingly breezy peppy pop song but amid the soft bounce, melodic strum and inviting earworm tones there is a feeling of unease, as he details the futile merry-go-round of political spin with touches on Brexit. Lyrically, it is pulls you in with its simplistic but expert storytelling abilities. A wonderfully catchy and utterly lovable wee tune.

Listen to ‘Around and Around’ below and Diagrams is out now via Billingham Records.

The Comstocks – ’40ft’


Newbridge natives The Comstocks – formerly Fresco Future – have returned with their second single ’40ft’.

The quartet may have a new handle but their penchant for hazy indie remains, thankfully, intact – as evidenced by ’40ft’. A hazy, warm slice of shimmering indie, laden with a sunny disposition, introspection and a quiet, understated confidence. Adorned with flourishes of jangley guitars, swift rhythms and basslines, ’40ft’ purrs into gear as the understated vocal rises to meet a chorus hook that you could hang your hat on and the gorgeous slide guitar parts in the latter half of the track. Complete with a mild dusting of fuzz, ’40ft’ will get inside your head and refuse to leave; a delightful wee gem.

You can listen to ’40ft’ below – photo by Eoghan Scally.