Melts – ‘Skyward’


What do you get when you bring ex-members of Ghost Estates, The Things, The Mighty Stef and The North Sea? The answer, Melts.

Melts are a freshly formed psych-leaning rock band from Dublin, comprised of members from some of the finest bands to emerge from the Capital in the last decade. With just a few select number of shows in their short existence they set off for the Meadow in Wicklow to record their debut single with Irish duo The Deaf Brothers. The result is ‘Skyward’, the band’s first single, is propelled by a hypnotically repetitive post-punk guitar and synth line flux. It is a tune that doesn’t mess about, it means business with its relentless, powerful drive and meaty, bassline groove chugging ever onward, burrowing inside inside your consciousness. As far as opening introductions go, they don’t come much bigger or better than this.

Listen to ‘Skyward’ below now.

Amber Arcades Announces New Album; Shares ‘Simple Song’


Dutch musician Annelotte De Graaf aka Amber Arcades will release new album European Heartbreak on September 28th via Heavenly Recordings.

De Graaf quite rightly won widespread acclaim with her sparkling 2016 debut LP, Fading Lines, which not only earmarked Amber Arcades as potent psych-pop prospect but also delivered one of the albums of the year.

For its follow up, European Heartbreak, Amber Arcades has teamed up with Chris Cohen from Deerhoof, and ramping up the anticipation, is a trilogy of videos telling a modern European (love) story, touching on various thoughts and feelings that inspired the new record – the latest taste comes in the form of ‘Simple Song’, marking an evolution from her debut. It danders along broad guitars, gentle synth melodies and warm, swooning swells of delightful brass, all the while, De Graaf ‘s honeyed vocal remains contemplative until rising above a sea of guitar fuzz and layers of mist with the climaxing chorus. Sublime, divine psych-pop – ‘Simple Song’ finds Amber Arcades in fine form and evolving the superlative sound of her wonderful debut.

European Heartbreak is out on September 28th via Heavenly Recordings. For now, check out ‘Simple Song’ below.

The Pink Dust – ‘Mary Weather’


The Pink Dust is an alternative rock band formed by Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas and Cliff Littlefield in 2014, the same year their self-titled debut album was released.

Together, the Pink Dust create a big, full-blooded indie-rock sound, propelled by winding, mind bending and meaty riffs that tread where others dare not. Their latest single ‘Mary Weather’ is a raucous, fuzz-filled two minutes forty five of screeching riffs, pummelling drums and crashing symbol, and this freewheeling frenzy tempered perfectly by the melodic and hushed vocals above. There are touches of The Vines, Royal Blood and The Rascals in parts – the former’s ability to make super catchy but rockin’ tunes is especially prevalent.

‘Mary Weather’ is lifted from the duo’s third album, Ming, which was released on April 5, 2018.

If you haven’t done so already, you can check out the mighty ‘Mary Weather’ now, just hit play below.



Luke Redmond – ‘Isola’


Originally from Kerry, Luke Redmond is an Irish musician and multi-instrumentalist musician now making a life for himself in Portugal.

Swapping one set of mountains in South Kerry for those of the Algarvian variety, they have their similarities and differences, the freedom, remoteness and isolation has shaped both his life and sound. Inspired by ’60s music and movies, contemporary psych and shoegaze, Redmond’s own creations are mellow, expansive and broadly cinematic explorations permeated by the remoteness of his mountainous locale; a la his new single ‘Isola’. A gentle instrumental marriage of soothing guitars, light percussion and mellow undulations, its dreamy, relaxing cinematic vibe plays like rippling waves lapping at your feet. ‘Isola’ is a joy, relaxing and refreshing in its breezy brilliance.

You can check out ‘Isola’ below and there is more where that came from over here.

Introducing: David Hopkins


Las Vegas-based Irish artist David Hopkins has enjoyed a colourful musical career thus far – a former member of LiR, being involved in The Who’s 2001 Quadrophenia Tour, Damien Rice’s 2010 album There Are Debts before going on to front his own band Bombay Heavy in 2014.

Now, it’s Hopkins’ turn in the spotlight, showing off his solo wares with new album Overlook, which came out last month on St. August Records. Lead single ‘C’est La’ is a funky little groover that bobs along with a blend of psychedelic tones, laid-back rhythm, swooning strings and some French touches. A startlingly impressive intro with so much sparkle. ‘Irresponsible’ meanwhile, is quite simply sumptuous as a subtle jazz / bossa nova vibe is married with lush arrangements, swooning strings, with sweetly sung vocals above for a sound that is positively glowing. Two exquisite examples of Hopkins’ pristine popcraft; it is classic, rich, atmospheric and well beyond the reach of most.

You can check out ‘C’est La’ & ‘Irresponsible’ below and Overlook is out now, you can tune in here.