Amber Jay – ‘Stay The Same’

Amber Jay is a Liverpool-based artist and musician with a real flair in the way of captivating, synth-splashed, electronic alt-pop – and this flair is matched by an enviable embrace for experimentation and pushing the boundaries.

Jay introduced this penchant for futuristic synth-fueled alt-pop with ‘Pencilled Brims’ toward the backend of last year and has kicked off 2021 in similarly sublime fashion with ‘Stay The Same’. Opening patiently, ‘Stay The Same’ slowly introduces itself as Amber’s crisp vocals cruise above a woozy atmosphere and slo-mo groove before a hypnotic pulsing synth and snappy beat up the pace as we traverse an ever-evolving soundscape. It is hypnotic, immersive and futuristic, filled with luscious harmonies, hooks and seductive grooves; ‘Stay The Same’ feels, like its predecessor, vibrant and alive, and effortlessly transcending genres.

Amber Jay’s debut EP Never Too Far From A Dark Thought will be released on March 3, listen to ‘Stay The Same’ below:

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