Y.LOH – ‘6 Train’

Y.LOH is a New York-based and Sonoran Desert-raised DJ and producer with a preference for minimal, downtempo house.

Y.LOH draws inspiration and identity from natural environments and surroundings, and especially attempts to connects with his homestead, the edgy and beautiful Sonoran Desert. Created using field recordings in the NYC Subway system, latest single ‘6 Train’ is a case in point, capturing the essence of his commute on the busy “6 Train” line and encapsulating his approach superbly. ‘6 Train’ slinks and slaloms along a seductive groove as dubby tones and bass bubbles mingle with the rhythmic force of the trains journey and snatches of field recordings. As it snakes its way along we are hypnotised and transfixed while illuminated by shimmering synths and frazzled electronics. ‘6 Train’ is an utterly mesmerizing tune and a fine love letter to his current home.

Listen to ‘6 Train’ below:

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