Freedom Fry – ‘Human’

Ever prolific LA duo, Freedom Fry released the follow up to their delightful 2018 debut LP, Classic, with Songs from the West Coast back in May and in keeping with their productive tendencies have shared a brand new single called ‘Human’.

Over the past number of years, Freedom Fry, AKA Marie Seyrat and Bruce Driscoll, have regularly brightened up our lives with charming, catchy and bright indie-pop songs, and ‘Human’ continues this trend. It is a lush and alluring blend of gently seductive grooves and undulating rhythms percolating amid a sea of woozy tones and textures with a sweet strum for company. It is all whisked together into a beautiful confection of melodic, dreamy and hazy indie-pop which, as is so often the case, topped off by Freedom Fry’s pièce de résistance; the wonderful harmonies and beautiful vocal interplay from the pair. A wonderful song that will leave you all the better for making its acquaintance.

Listen to ‘Human’ below now:

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