Superheart – ‘LILO’

We’ve been keeping tabs on UK-based producer Luke Batt aka Superheart for quite some time now, and over the past few years, has emerged as a reliable source of comforting and dreamy electronic-pop, and Batt is at it again.

New single ‘LILO’ is yet another uplifting and excellently crafted delight and serving as a nexus to their lush electronic-pop; of cosmic vibes, dreamy vocals, hopeful lyrics and shimmering synthesis. We are transported to a blissed-out world of pulsating synth tones, lofty vocal melodies and cosmic vibes as lush, heavenly vocals and dreamy keys usher us through hazy ambient surroundings as it gently builds, drifting along until a warm rapture envelopes you, lifting you to a higher state of being. Marked by Batt’s signature flair for elegant, blissful and ethereal production, ‘LILO’ is a heavenly, lush and transfixing slice of electronic-pop; and one that will leave you all the better for making its acquaintance.

Listen to ‘LILO’ below now:

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