Pale Honey – ‘Killer Scene’

Swedish outfit Pale Honey have released new single ‘Killer Scene’ as they continue to whet the appetite ahead of LP number three.

Expected later in the year, Pale Honey already shared ‘Set me Free’ as an early taster toward the back end of last year, and they have released new single ‘Killer Scene’. The new single sees Tuva Lodmark & Nelly Daltrey continue their exploration of groovier territory but while its predecessor struck a balance between dancey electro-pop and alternative rock: ‘Killer Scene’ is firmly in the latter camp. It is propelled by a raw energy and driving relentlessness as meaty riffs roar and guitars chug as a sense of unnerving unease unfolds. The latter created in now small way by the distant vocal delivery of dark lyrical content. A mighty jam. Roll on album #3.

Listen to ‘Killer Scene’ below:

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