Death Hags – ‘The Darkest Night’

Death Hags is the moniker of Los Angeles-based, French electronica artist, Lola Jean,  who carefully crafts hypnotic, futuristic and minimal electronica from the secluded hideaway hills of East LA.

An enigmatic creative force, Death Hags output over the past 12 months or so has been stellar and latest single ‘The Darkest Night’, is arguably the best yet. Opening with a slow-burning, intoxicating soundscape, droning synths and hazy kaleidoscopic textures swirl all around while Jean’s hushed vocals emerge and drift elegantly above the enveloping haze, while a deep hypnotic groove and pulsing beats propel us onward in complete captivation. A simply stunning and transfixing darkwave sound; just wow!

Be wowed yourself below with ‘The Darkest Night’ which is lifted from recently released record, Big Grey Sun #2.

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