The Pickled Onions – ‘Habbit Holes’

Dublin outfit The Pickled Onions aka Paddy McGovern has quite a knack for bright, breezy and joyous bouts of effervescent indie-pop.

McGovern already has two wonderful EPs under his belt – The Woods & The Mines – and he is back with a new (and equally enchanting) single called ‘Habbit Holes’. It is sweet and charming three-minute escape to a woozy world of peaceful tranquility. Radiating a floaty, carefree and daydream vibe, lush hazy vocals drift over a gentle strum, playful melody, colourful tones and psych brush strokes – while the rhythm is seductive and delivered with a pillowy soft fluffiness. A soothing and breezy tune, marked with hint of wistfulness and nostalgia, but filled dreamy vibes an irresistible charm – simply divine.

Listen to  ‘Habbit Holes’ below: 

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