Cyyxc – ‘Karolina’

Cyyxc is a UK producer whose transfixing electronic sound is heavy on mood, texture and atmosphere.

‘Karolina’ is a seven and a half minute odyssey of sophisticated, transfixing and relentless oscillating sound. Built upon a throbbing bass line which provides the core for which everything else is placed. As it unfolds, layer upon layer of sound evolves, the rhythm remains focused while buzzing synthesizers, submerged beat and waves of soft, lapping percussion rise to the fore. Ever ascending, ‘Karolina’ builds methodically, lavish layer upon layer in an almost slow-motion fashion. It is elegant, bewitching and sophisticated and will bend you to its mighty will, leaving you utterly powerless to resist it’s tempting allure. 

Listen to ‘Karolina’ below – it does not disappoint: 

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