The Hannah Barberas – ‘It’s Not Over For The Heartache’

London-based indie-pop foursome The Hannah Barberas have graced us with a steady stream of irresistible sounds over the past few years and in doing so, have forged a rep for home-brewed charms, with a knack for charming effervescent indie-pop gems.

Continuing their winning formula for crafting charming indie-pop, their latest single ‘It’s Not Over For The Heartache’ leads the way on their new, 6-track EP, Dial H for Hannah Barberas. ‘It’s Not Over For The Heartache’ takes their quintessentially easy going and refreshingly ramshackle sound and inject it with some precision Motown rhythm and Northern Soul stylings. Sweet 60s beat-esque vocals and lush vocal harmonies woo us above layers of pop hooks, sweet jangly guitar and rich melodies to deliver an enchanting and addicting parcel of indie-pop perfection.

Tune into the timeless indie-pop gold below and the EP is here too.

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