New Age Healers – ‘The Souls of Lost And Found’

New Age Healers are a shoegaze foursome who wear their fuzzed-up influences on their sleeves; something patently clear from their third album Debris – released at the end of June.

Lifted from said LP is new single ‘The Souls of Lost And Found’ and it lays out everything that is wonderful about the LP (and band) in four-and-a-half minutes. A charming and melodic delight as sporadic guitars mesh with sweet harmonies, ethereal tones, rich melody, reverb, seductive rhythmic swagger and all things psychedelic. All engulfed in a mild blanket of warm fuzz and distortion, ‘The Souls of Lost And Found’ is adorned with a bright, sunburned sheen, filled with an effervescent rush and a general air of coolness, ‘The Souls of Lost And Found’ is an intoxicating piece of psych-rock. It has all been moulded into something beautiful, lulling you in and transfixing; it is warm, melodic, charming and deeply alluring. New Age Healers have figured out the deceptively simple, age-old secret to transcending influences: just write top notch songs.

Listen to ‘The Souls of Lost And Found’ below:

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