Strange Neighbors – ‘Hilltopper’

Strange Neighbors are indie-pop foursome – Aidan (vocals), Tracey (drums), Dana (bass) and Zach (guitar) – based in New York.

Together, they craft effervescent guitar-pop that is sometimes quiet, sometimes loud, and sometimes somewhere in between, but always the sweet sort of sound to paste smiles of faces. Definitely of that ilk is ‘Hilltopper’ – the first lifted from their forthcoming debut album How to Human – and its a bright and breezy three minutes of pristine guitar-pop that cruises along with infectious ease. Bright, buoyant and infectious, it builds upon an enchanting flair for pop and lush, sinuous melodies, and met with an irresistible guitar-jangle, sweet, honeyed vocals and a delicious layer of The Primitives-esque sparkle. A bright and breezy slab of fizzy, energetic guitar-pop – pop perfection personified; it is an allure that is charming, enchanting and altogether impossible to resist.

Tune in below:

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